Chrysler took off 10% on the new wagon Pacifica

Chrysler took off 10% on the new wagon Pacifica The Americans are dissatisfied with the sluggish start of sales of the Pacifica, which in may is recognized as the safest in its class and has received a 5 star NHTSA.For the first month and a half sold 7700 machines despite the noisy advertising campaign in the US around the estate.Now Chrysler has decided to spur sales of Pacifica and declared him the same discounts that are on his car the previous model year. Alternatively, buyers can get an interest free loan for five years.Recall that Pacifica is equipped with personal safety. For frontal airbags for the driver and all passengers added on the side of the window, as well as special cushions to protect the knees ahead of sitting. The latter is equipped with sensors that are able to choose the necessary degree pump, cushions, depending on the impact force in a collision. The machine has also patented steering column, which absorbs the impact. Selling prices for Pacifica wagon for the us market is set in the range of $29-32 thousand depending on the modification.20.10.2003. Читать полностью -->

Developed new belts

Developed new belts A world leader in the design and manufacture of security systems for cars, the Swedish company Autoliv introduced a new security system that combines three-point and point-to-point belts and the side airbag. According to company representatives, the combination of the two belts 30% more efficient than the conventional three-point belts. Three-point seat belt fastened as usual, and, point-to-point already fastened on top of it. In addition, the new system the company has added and an inflatable airbag that protects during side collisions.26.05.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

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