Toyota modified Yaris

Toyota modified Yaris Toyota did a little work on his new car, improve system security, putting on a new engine and giving it a bit more style. Although I must say that `stuffing` was given much more attention than it looks, which is now satisfied with the manufacturer.Now the Yaris is a little tighter body, at all Seating positions three-point seat belts, and in all vehicles. In addition to the T2 variant will be in the base set to stand side airbags. The engine now will be 1.3-litre engine with an output of 83 HP, and how option will be available semi-automatic transmission.The cost for the Yaris in the basic configuration will remain unchanged, reports BBS Top Gear.25.03.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

OJSC KAMAZ on results of 2003. expects to receive a net profit of 112 million rubles

OJSC KAMAZ on results of 2003. expects to receive a net profit of 112 million rubles OJSC KAMAZ on results of 2003. expects to receive a net profit of approximately $ 112 million rubles, said today at a press conference the enterprise's General Director Sergey Kogogin.According to him, the company is currently working on the business plan, which was adopted in the beginning of the year, and intends in 2003. produce up to 24 thousand trucks. In 2004. the company expects to increase production by 8%.In the fall of 2003. Читать полностью -->

Volkswagen will buy a Ferrari?

Volkswagen will buy a Ferrari? Volkswagen AG is considering a partial or complete purchase of the Ferrari company, which at the moment is a subsidiary of Fiat, wrote "Der Spiegel". The Italian manufacturer is still in crisis, and the infusion of new capital would be very handy for him.The head of Volkswagen Bernd pikeside and head of Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo came to the agreement that the components for Volkswagen Touareg platform will be used on the Maserati.A subsidiary of Volkswagen - Audi shared with Maserati its know-how in the field of application of aluminium. Maserati in response shared with the Audi platform model Quattroporte, which may be built a descendant of the Phaeton.25.09.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

Mazda will introduce a diesel coupe

Mazda will introduce a diesel coupe The concept car Mazda Kusabi, which will be presented at the Frankfurt motor show, will demonstrate the look on Mazda future cars in the segment CenturyDriven diesel engine, coupe Kusabi differs aggressive design, which binds pronounced sportiness and a large amount of useful space.Judging by the published sketches, the vehicle will consist of sharp lines, and the shape of the body is wedge-shaped.Source: www.autonews.ru09.08.2003. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Subaru is preparing a SUV!

Subaru is preparing a SUV! In 2005 lineup of Japanese Subaru should expand by 7-seater SUV. Updated, but is based on the concept WX-01, presented at the last Tokyo motor show, this car should be the first production model of the Subaru with the new grille in the style of a concept Roadster B9SC.Designed under the code name SG/X and H new SUV was shown to potential buyers in the form of a conceptual prototype in southern California and has received positive feedback. Prospective buyers liked that the new model Subaru will be located in the premium sector, which will allow it to compete with the crossover from Lexus. At the same time, buyers liked that the car will have European features.Sources in the Subaru argue that the car will be very flexible in terms of transformation. And folding second and third rows of seats will form a completely flat floor.The SUV from Subaru is designed to Do (Indiana), and its production will begin at the end of this year. Sources in the Subaru argue that the length of the car will be 4.9 meters and wheelbase of 2.7 meters. Читать полностью -->

Vases are trying to simplify the inlet

Vases are trying to simplify the inlet Factory "Plastic" (Samara region, Syzran) doing a test batch of the new intake manifolds for 8 - and 16-valve engines Vase, which completed primarily cars "tenth" family. These headers plastic.According to representatives of the factory "Plastic", the global automotive industry has long passes with aluminum intake systems on the plastic.The use of polymers in the manufacture of collectors not only saves money (as we had previously reported on the company, the transition to the new component will save him more than $ 10 million), but also provides technical progress. The current intake system engines VAZ has more than 20 parts, and the new one. Produce a component of the polyamide - using the method of fibrosure (so-called secure bond).After "Plastic" will release 200 manifolds for engines, motors will set them in Vases and experience. This should happen very soon. And then AVTOVAZ will decide when to run them in series.Recall, the injector 8 - and 16-valve engines (the index 2111 and 2112) equip cars "tenth" family and some "Samara".25.07.2003. Читать полностью -->

The new Civic was put in `the gap`

The new Civic was put in `the gap` Civic 2.0 i Sport with 2-liter engine with a capacity of 160 HP will complement the range of compact Honda, which have so far been represented by models with 110 HP and 200-horsepower engines. For many lovers of this brand in the first case there was not enough power, the second is money.Hatchback Sport five-door variant of the claimed costs 22 € 620. Its wheelbase is 7 cm longer than the three-door variant. Due to this, the rear passengers feel more free and 370-litre boot becomes 1195-liter with the folded second row seats.Four-cylinder engine torque 179 N*m and accelerates the car to 100 km/h in 8.8 seconds. Top speed is 210 km/h and average fuel consumption is kept at around 7.5 liters.The machine is serially equipped with 16-inch wheels with aluminum rims, stability control system, cruise control and chairs with leather inserts.05.06.2004. . Читать полностью -->

Ford has done better than $25 million

Ford has done better than $25 million Loss in the third quarter of this year was much lower than expected and 10 times less than for the same period a year ago, when the group was short of $326 millionFord continues to make anything other than the manufacture of cars. The production unit of concern remains the most unprofitable in the third quarter loss amounted to $609 million (before taxes). The main loss brought European branch, which was short of the $452 millionThe main items of income Ford, as in the previous period, began lending operations, which knows a subsidiary of Ford Credit, and passing cars, which deals Hertz rental car. First brought into the corporate Treasury Ford $504 million, and the second $186 millionFord has warned that Q4 is going to tackle the restructuring of the European division and will send $550-600 million investment in addition to the $56 million allocated in the third quarter.As we previously reported, Ford intends to hold a significant reduction in its European staff. Representatives of the concern, in particular, announced the elimination 6700 jobs.17.10.2003. . Читать полностью -->

Mitsubishi will show in Detroit, the new Eclipse

Mitsubishi will show in Detroit, the new Eclipse The proposers of the new concept, the Eclipse Concept-E will continue to develop the best qualities of a sports series and Mitsubishi will allow the Japanese company to reach new heights on the American car market. In a press release the company stated that the success of the previous models Eclipse in North America connected with a clever sporty design and good performance.There are no details about the new concept, the press service of Mitsubishi not released. Probably, they will become known in the auto show in Detroit, which will start on the 4th of January next year.05.12.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

The new Maserati sedan

The new Maserati sedan Appeared first spy pictures of the new model Maserati, which should replace the Quattroporte, and whose name will be announced during the official debut of the car at the Frankfurt motor show in September this year. The design of this model is almost radically changed compared to the Quattroporte. This will be a huge luxury sedan. Its length is about 5,10 meters, more than the Mercedes S-class.Replacement Quattroporte should be a competitor to the BMW 7 series and Mercedes S-Class. Its great advantage is that there are no speed limits, and the maximum possible speed of almost 300 km/H.The cabin is trimmed with leather, wood and alcontrol, and will be equipped with the latest audio, navigation and telematics systems. Under the hood of this innovation is the engine of the Maserati V-8 displacement of 4.2 liters and power of 385 HP, the Company is not planning to put on this car engine V-12, as well as automatic transmission - there will be only mechanical Cambiocorsa.It is expected that sales of the heir Quattroporte will make up half of all sales Maserati until 2006.30.05.2003. Читать полностью -->

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