The touring. Mikhail Ukhov is already the champion

The touring. Mikhail Ukhov is already the champion Reviewing the results lesnikowski racing appeals Board the RAF did an excellent gift for the pilot team KORUS Motorsport Michael Whoww.After all, taking Grigory Komarov victory in the Luzhniki stadium, the RAF took Karenina even a mathematical chance to catch up with Michael in the overall Touring.Before the final stage of the championship (it will be held this weekend in St. Petersburg) on account Ukhova - 105 points, Komarova the "piggy Bank" - 93 points. According to the rules in the standings of the championship are six of the best results of the seven. So even if Komarov wins this race, and Mikhail Ukhov won't get to finish, Ukhov will still be ahead (then Michael will remain 105 points, and Komarova them will be - 102)."The decision of the appellate court RAF was a surprise to us," says Ukhov, but it in no way diminishes the value of our achievements. Our team, for which this was the first season in the most prestigious class ring, very well spent championship and has certainly earned the title.". Читать полностью -->

Smart Coupe to be renamed ForTwo

Smart Coupe to be renamed ForTwo From 1 January 2004 double Smart models CityCoupe and Cabrio will be officially called ForTwo. The firm strives to bring logic in the names of rulers Smart in connection with the entry of a new four-seater ForFour model, according to today's press release of the DaimlerChrysler company.In parallel with the change of the names of two specific models, the company is working on a concept designations machines, which in the future will be inherent to the entire line of Smart. According to representatives of DaimlerChrysler, the names must not only be attractive but also reflect the functional characteristics of one or another version.It has already begun, everyone understands that the ForFour model meant for four people, according to the Germans. However there will be exceptions. Do not change the names of the Smart Roadster and Smart RoadsterCoupe. The names of these machines do not need to decrypt, they are in themselves indicate the maximum convenience when traveling on these machines, according to DaimlerChrysler.05.12.2003. Читать полностью -->

The first Russian ramp-stainless steel for our engines

The first Russian ramp-stainless steel for our engines The ramp is the link of the fuel module. It pumps fuel from the tank through the fuel pipe and from there is distributed to the injectors.We are told representatives of Atala ramp stainless steel has a number of advantages compared with the ramps of other materials: gasoline less heated, vapors also smaller, resulting in more fuel exact doses distributed in the cylinders. In addition, it complies with environmental standards Euro-3 and Euro-4.A new ramp AUTEL was developed jointly with Siemens VDO, which gave him the know-how, helped to choose suppliers of equipment and components for release details.It is expected that this year in Kaluga will make 94 thousands of these ramps in the next 200 thousand, and in 2006 - has 250 thousand. Total investment in this project was estimated at 93 million.The company AUTEL four years ago created the Kaluga plant "Electronics" (manufacturer of electronics) and Moscow scientific-production Association "ELKAR" (developer of electronic control units). Now AUTEL produces the control units, sensors and actuators EDMS (electronic engine management).Source: Behind the wheel.23.06.2003. . Читать полностью -->

GAZPROM: Minardi for us only advertising medium

GAZPROM: Minardi for us only advertising medium Today, in the office of Gazprom on the street Builders, held a second press conference with the participation of Giancarlo Minardi.Press conference for this narrow range of media was devoted ended in 2002 cooperation European KL Minardi and OJSC `GAZPROM`. Russian gas giant at the press conference was a member of the Board of the concern Alexander Krasnenkov, who coordinates the project.`GAZPROM management rather cooperation and project that we carried out together with Minardi,` said Krasnenkov . - `Participation in Formula 1 we consider from the standpoint of enhancing our image in the world's business elite. I think that starting this campaign this year, we will be able to continue it in the future. On today's negotiations, we summed up the results this season and outlined further steps`.However, the final decision on the future cooperation of GAZPROM and Minardi has not been made, the contract for the following year is not signed.`For the concern is only advertising the project. We see our partnership with Minardi, but not with the pilots,` said Krasnenkov to the request to evaluate the performance Zlobina in the team. Читать полностью -->

New ring for trucks will cost the governments of Moscow and Moscow region in two billion

New ring for trucks will cost the governments of Moscow and Moscow region in two billion The Ministry of transport is planning to build in the suburbs, a new bypass ring road for freight transport. The need for the construction of new rings became apparent after it became clear that the ring does not cope with the flow of transit trucks.According to the plans of the Ministry, the new road will be built on the basis of already existing Large and Small rings, intended for trucks. Small ring is 30 kilometers from the city, a Large - 50. Currently, the width of these lines is one lane in each direction, and the carriers prefer not to use them as poor infrastructure and road surface increase fuel consumption and reduce the speed of transport.From the North, East and South new 6-8-lane highway will pass through the Small ring to be expanded and strengthened. The Western part of the ring will be on the Big ring, because in the West the Small ring goes through several protected areas, including through the district Istra reservoir and Zvenigorod forestry. To connect the Western part of the ring with the rest of the route will need to build two roads - one parallel to Minsk, and the second parallel to the highway.The only obstacle near the beginning of the construction of a new road - the high cost of the project. Читать полностью -->

General Motors once again recall the cars

General Motors once again recall the cars North American carmaker General Motors recalls 123 678 thousand cars of different models because of various defects. This was reported in the Bulletin of the North American administration on road traffic safety (NHTSA). In particular respond 41 928 thousand cars Cadillac CTS, Cadillac SRX, Cadillac XLR and Chevrolet Corvette 2004 release to check the nuts and studs, which could become loosen and come into contact with the steering mechanism. In addition, respond 47 991 thousand cars Chevrolet Impala, Monte Carlo and Pontiac Grand Prix 2004 release to check the bolts on the front brakes, which could be spun with less effort, which required technology. Also respond 29 951 thousand cars GMC Envoy and Oldsmobile Bravada to check air suspension cars.11.08.2004. . Читать полностью -->

Owners of Chevrolet Niva" cars cannot complain

Owners of Chevrolet NivaExperts JV promise to understand, especially when it comes to dealer defects. Phone "direct line" Moscow - (095) 744-11-77. By the way, it is already indicated in the operational documents for the car.As we reported to management of the marketing Department of "GM - AVTOVAZ", feedback from consumers involves certification JV ISO 9001:2000 (in accordance with the requirements of this international standard, the company has certified a few months ago). The manufacturer is trying to obtain from the owners of Chevrolet Niva" cars reviews, to identify problems and resolve them. According to experts JV, now on average 23% of all disadvantages associated with the design defects, and other related components and services.02.09.2003. . Читать полностью -->

Rally San Remo: the Loeb still leads with

Rally San Remo: the Loeb still leads with Victory in all four of Saturday's stages rally San Remo celebrated racer Ford Markko Martin. But even despite this speed, the Estonian catch up with the leading in the race of sГ©bastien Loeb and failed.Moreover, on Saturday morning Martin received from the stewards prominatly fine for a three-minute delay at time control.Before the start of the final, third day, Martin loses Loeb 43 seconds gap to wager which it will be almost impossible.Defending champion Marcus Gronholm still retains third place, being the better driver of the Peugeot team in the race. Finn Martin loses 30 seconds and 32 seconds which was fourth ahead of Carlos SainzThe Spaniard almost twenty seconds ahead of closing the top five Gilles, Panizzi. Pilot Peugeot in turn is 25 seconds ahead of the second rider team Ford - Francois Duval. In seventh place with a large gap from the Belgian should Colin McRae.Philip Bugalski rose from tenth to eighth place, ahead of championship leader Richard burns. Burns is now the ninth and `spectacle` zone that separates the moment.Rally San RemoThe position after the second day1. Читать полностью -->

Annual shareholders meeting of OJSC KAMAZ will be held in early June 2003

Annual shareholders meeting of OJSC KAMAZ will be held in early June 2003 This decision was taken at the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the company, told RBC in the press-service of JSC "KAMAZ".Included in the agenda of the Board of Directors the election of the Chairman of the Board was not considered as officials of the Ministry of state property of the Russian Federation did not have time to prepare the relevant documents. As noted in the press service of the company, according to the decree of the RF government dated 23 January 2003, a fundamental condition for election and re-election of the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC KAMAZ is the Directive of the government, which in the apparatus of the Ministry of state property of the Russian Federation did not have time to draw.Recall that recently OJSC "KAMAZ" was included in the list of 18 Russian strategic companies with a government stake of more than 20%, the control over the activities which must be carried out personally by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.The main candidate for the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors is the head of the Ministry of industry and science of the Russian Federation Ilya Klebanov. Election of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company postponed until the beginning of March,2002. OJSC KAMAZ produced and sold products in the amount of 19 billion 475 million rubles, which is by RUR 2.8 billion more than in 2001. Was made 20 thousand 56 trucks. In 2003. Читать полностью -->

Commands are outraged initiatives FIA

Commands are outraged initiatives FIA Starting next year the FIA plans to limit the number of machines in the factory teams of two and, simultaneously, to expand the calendar of the world championship with 14 races to 16.The meeting of the FIA, which will decide the fate of the regulations, will be held next week. At the same time will be voting on this issue. It is expected that innovations are likely to be accepted.Factory teams are outraged. A couple of months ago, the Federation had nothing against the three machines in one stable. Moreover, the Federation were even developed special rules governing the principle of selection of the third pilot (they could be any rider not finishing the last few years on the podium).The team Manager of Peugeot Sport Corrado provera (he has already signed contracts with three pilots in 2004), has strongly criticized the new regulations."I am outraged," said provera. - Recently we, in fact, guarantees the right to put three cars in the race. Читать полностью -->

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