The Loeb: "blame the wrong bus".

The Loeb: The sГ©bastien Loeb may be considered to be the major loser rally Catalunya. The driver of the Citroen was leading almost the entire race but missed a win in the last stage.Before the final stage of his advantage over second coming of Gilles Panichi was 31 seconds. But then sГ©bastien lost Panizzi 44 seconds and rolled in the General classification of the rally in second place."It's all because of a wrong choice of tires, explains his loss of the Loeb - the final stages we put the same type of rubber, which went to the first Sunday stages. We knew that the rain may increase, however, decided to risk".Problems on the last stage not only deprived of Loeb deserved victory (it would Sebag sole leader of the championship), but nearly cost him second place in the race - the final Protocol of the Loeb ahead of bronze medalist of Markko Martin (Ford) only six-tenths."The final stage has become for me in hell," said the Frenchman. I tried to go faster, but could not - it could end in a crash.For the race to the finish Loeb, along with his teammate Carlos Sainz leads the championship - both on 53 points. The chances for the title are as Petter Solberg (52 points) and Richard burns, which account for 48 points.27.10.2003. Читать полностью -->

Consumer prices on gasoline in average in the Russian Federation in March 2003. rose 1.4%

Consumer prices on gasoline in average in the Russian Federation in March 2003. rose 1.4% Consumer prices on gasoline in Russia on average in March 2003. increased by 1.4%, producer prices - by 1.3%, according to Goskomstat of the Russian Federation. Including consumer prices for gasoline a-76 increased by 1.4%, AI-92 - 2%, AI-95 - on 1%. Producer prices for gasoline a-76 rose by 1.3%, AI-92 - 2%, AI-95 - 3.5%.In March 2003. the increase in consumer prices for gasoline was noted in 47 regions of Russia. Читать полностью -->

Petrol will cost European

Petrol will cost European In the Russian capital began to rise in price of gasoline. Most gas stations have raised the price by 30-50 cents on the most popular models of the brand - AI-92 and AI-95.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------And this is only the beginning: by the end of the year instead of the usual 10 rubles per liter 92 will have to pay one and a half times more.Sellers of gasoline at the beginning of the year had the full moral right to raise gasoline prices. New excise rates, about which wrote `Газета.Ru` , effective from 1 January, but three weeks filling was selling old stocks of fuel. The price increase was less significant than predicted by economists. Excise duty increased by 45%, while automotive fuel has risen by an average of 8-10%. Liter the most popular of 92-octane gasoline in Moscow today is poured in 10.3 to 10.6 rubles, 95-th - of 11.3 and 11.6 RUBHowever, if you hurry, you can have time to refuel and at the old price.Someone still has not sold all of last year's gasoline, so the new price tags hung out until all the tankers. Читать полностью -->

Extreme Lotus Exige will release edition of 50 copies

Extreme Lotus Exige will release edition of 50 copies The British company Lotus is going to produce exactly 50 copies extreme coupe Lotus Exige 240R, 40 of which will deliver in Europe and 10 more cars will be sent to Japan. All these cars will be equipped with forced to 247 horsepower supercharged engines of 1,8-litre. The increase in power was achieved through the installation of a mechanical supercharger with intermediate oldelem. From zero to hundred kilometers per hour extreme Exige will be able to accelerate in 3.9 seconds, up to 160 kilometers per hour - 9,9-seconds, and its maximum speed will be 249 kilometers per hour.Lotus Exige 240R will be issued only in jestkoi body painting with black wheels and racing tires. In the cabin appears two-tone finish in black and yellow colors, as well as a new tachometer, marked up to 10000 rpm. Weight extreme Lotus Exige will be 930 pounds.The cost of this car in Europe will be about 62 000 euros.01.03.2005. Читать полностью -->

In Germany, more expensive maintenance - Vehicles

In Germany, more expensive maintenance - VehiclesThe German authorities promise to raise fees for inspection by 20-25%, this was announced to journalists by the representative of the Ministry of transport of Germany. The most expensive test for emissions. Here the rates for one car will still 38,5 to 48.1 euros.As justification for a tariff increase, the representative of the Ministry of transport said that "fees for technical inspection in Germany had not been increased for 10 years.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Toyota is preparing a new car - Hire

Toyota is preparing a new car - HireToyota,according to the Car Connection, has begun testing a new sports car, which still bears the code name Toyota TXS. According to preliminary information, the debut of the new items will be held at the auto show in Tokyo in 2005, and the car will be released in limited quantity in a maximum of 10 000 copies.At the moment it is known that Toyota TXS become larger models of Toyota Celica and MR2 and, in fact, is the successor model of the Toyota Supra. However, instead of the six-cylinder turbo engine, which was used in some versions of the Toyota Supra, the novelty will receive a 10-cylinder engine, whose power will be about 500 horsepower. The dynamic characteristics of the vehicle are not reported, but it is known that the maximum vehicle speed exceeds 300 km / h. Some experts do not exclude the possibility of the appearance of the Toyota TXS and hybrid propulsion systems, both at the conceptual Toyota Alessandro Volta, however, confirm this information unless it receives.It may also be noted that to compete with the new Toyota have with Italian sports cars - the cost of a Toyota TXS will be around 100 000 USD. The timing of any car sold in the United States and Europe are not reported.07.10.2004. Читать полностью -->

Who will come in Jaguar?

Who will come in Jaguar? Still it remains unclear who will sit behind the wheel of the second car for the team Jaguar Racing in 2004. Jaguar, whose financial situation has recently worsened because of problems in Ford, interested in the racer who may be able to replenish the budget of the team.Among the possible candidates for second place in the Jaguar called five riders - Justin Wilson, Jos Verstappen, Alex Wurz, nick Heidfeld and Jacques Villeneuve.Team leaders promised to name his partner Mark Webber by early December.The chef team Minardi Paul Stoddart hopes that their choice would fall on his former pilot Justin Wilson, who moved to Jaguar at the end of summer and for the team spent the last five races of the season. "My opinion remains unchanged," says Stoddart. - `It seems to me that the combination Webber-Wilson will be the strongest option for any team.". . . Читать полностью -->

Ford Mondeo received two new engines

Ford Mondeo received two new engines 2003 Ford Mondeo will get two new engines, including a new two-liter diesel engine with direct injection.In addition, the update took place in the family of gasoline engines Zetec: in addition to the popular two-liter engine, Mondeo will be available with a 2.5-liter V6 engine.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Opel increases the production Astra

Opel increases the production Astra Belgian Opel factory has announced increased production of Opel Astra due to the high demand for this model.Instead planned for this year of 260,000 vehicles will be collected 5,000 more. Now the company is negotiating with trade unions, figuring out how it is still possible to increase production.In 2002, losses of separation Opel Europe amounted to 227 million euros, compared with 674 million in 2001, and this year the company expects `to get out of debt` and make a profit.Source: www.autonews.ru28.08.2003. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Mazda RX-8 came to Russia

Mazda RX-8 came to Russia As we reported in the dealer of the company "Mazda Center Kuntsevo, came to Russia two cars, with engines capacity 192 231 and HP are Now employees of the company carry out marketing research, the aim of which is to determine how this machine will be of interest to the Russian buyer and how many of these cars will sell. It is also possible, according to the results of this work will be determined special picking a sports car for our country.It is planned that the Russian sales of the RX-8 will begin in late July. Machine with a 192-horsepower engine is expected to cost between $45 000 and more powerful version is $50 thousand.01.07.2004. . . . Читать полностью -->

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