Lada Niva will get the engine Euro 4

Lada Niva will get the engine Euro 4 JSC "AVTOVAZ" in 2005. will start the production of the Lada Niva with engine Euro 4, told RBC chief designer of the enterprise Vladimir Lip. According to him, production of such a vehicle associated with the introduction on the European market of new environmental requirements for cars.In addition, Lip Century stated that at the present time OJSC "AVTOVAZ" drafting restyling of the car, which involves changing the exterior Lada Niva. "Currently, the project has been agreed with the technical Committee of the enterprise, however, the decision about the production will be made after the marketing market research", said Lip Century.30.05.2005. . . Читать полностью -->

Factories Hyundai continue strike

Factories Hyundai continue strike On Monday, the Union of three plants of Hyundai Motor, South Korea announced the beginning of the next strike, reports Dow Jones Business News.Partial strikes - six hours a day pass here on June 25. Workers try to achieve an 11 percent increase in annual wages and improve working conditions.Now factories Hyundai Motor there are two shifts, each of which lasts 10 hours. Out of 50,000 workers in the Union are 39.000.Also, the Union requires that its representatives were allowed to participate in decision-making, especially when talking about the company's investment in its foreign operations and offices.Negotiations must end Tuesday, but the strike will end no earlier than environment.07.07.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

"Vremya Novostei": UAZ intends to enter the European market with their UAZ-3160

Ulyanovsk automobile plant, a controlling stake owned by Severstal, in 2003, plans to enter the European market. The Protocol on cooperation with the Italian company De Tomaso Modena (specializes in the production of sports cars), which provides for the Assembly in Italy Russian SUV UAZ-3160, was signed in April last year.Series production of the model UAZ-3160 began in 1998, in 2002, the domestic market was supplied 1483 machine. In Italy, the car will be assembled for the first time. All automotive equipment, except motor that does not fit into the European standards for environmental performance and economy in Italy will supply the Ulyanovsk plant.Engine specifically for UAZ-3160 has been made Italian Iveco. Accumulating under the project is approximately $ 25 million., De Tomaso Modena after two years, plans to complete construction of the Assembly plant with a design capacity of 20 thousand units. Meanwhile, the UAZ-3160 will be collected at existing facilities in Modena, and this year the volume of production will be 1300 cars. Читать полностью -->

The new Mercedes-Benz A-class: more sports!

The new Mercedes-Benz A-class: more sports! The new generation Mercedes-Benz a-class will grow in size and will have a very modern design.Body lines of the car will be made in the new style Mercedes-Benz, which was demonstrated at the CLS. In this case, the back of the rack will have a reverse slope that not only `focus` rear window, but will give the car a sporty.Under the hood of the new Mercedes-Benz a-class will hide the new generation engines. All diesel units will have a capacity of 2 liters, but their power will vary from 90 to 130 HP For those who like it hot will be offered a 2-liter gasoline engine with 170 HP as transmissions prospective buyers will be offered automatic transmission with manual shift change facility and the variator.For greater passenger comfort will be taken care of updated interior, which is also made with an eye on new models of Mercedes-Benz. Because companies want to give physicality, the chassis became more hard, and for better handling rear axle became multi-link, that, moreover, should also increase comfort.24.03.2004. . . Читать полностью -->

NedCar celebrates two holidays at once - the Hire

NedCar celebrates two holidays at once - the HireOutdoor 35 years ago in borne NedCar plant started its work in the role of the subsidiary company DAF.In August 1991 the control of enterprises took Mitsubishi and Volvo. March 30, 2001 plant came under full control of Mitsubishi.Today, it is going compactmenu Space Star, and since 2004, will begin production of Smart and the new European compact model of Mitsubishi.The plant celebrated two significant dates in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the company with its rolled off the 4 millionth vehicle.14.07.2003. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Lancia wants to revive the Delta model

Lancia wants to revive the Delta model Italian Lancia brand, which is part of the Fiat group, has decided to revive its legendary model Lancia Delta, produced in the eighties and nineties of the last century. This solution could be described as logical, given the rather meager lineup Lancia currently, and also low levels of sales.New to be built on the platform model Alfa Romeo 159. Recall that this model will replace the Alfa Romeo 156. Traditionally, Lancia Delta will be a five-door hatchback, and its design is developed by the specialists of the Lancia brand. Externally, the new product will resemble the recent concept car Lancia Fulvia, and will receive a very dynamic and stylish appearance.To complete the Lancia Delta is planned about the same set of engines as the Alfa Romeo 159, including modern diesel engines, Fiat. In addition, like its Italian cousin, the new Lancia will also receive a four-wheel drive.01.06.2005. Читать полностью -->

Avtopodstavy in new York

Avtopodstavy in new York Series avtopodstav swept across new York in their organization accused of a certain Alexander Tarasenkov who came from the former USSR, reports the new York Times.Law enforcement agencies of new York filed a criminal case against a large group of Automechanika - immigrants from the former USSR. They are accused of mass organizations "dummy" accidents with the aim of obtaining insurance.Criminal network organized accident mainly in Brooklyn and Queens. For examination of the damage rogues have used the services of corrupt doctors who now also pass on the case as witnesses and accomplices.Profit from operations was divided equally between the physicians, by the crooks and lawyers who handled the case against insurance companies.Insurance payments under such incidents in the United States reaches $50,000 for the accident. The investigation suspects that part of the money was directed to the development of commercial activity in Russia, however, direct evidence for this method of laundering money yet.Source: "Behind the wheel". . . Читать полностью -->

EDAG show in Geneva car-convertible

EDAG show in Geneva car-convertible An interesting novelty is preparing to show in Geneva, which will be held in the spring of this year, the famous German engineering company EDAG.Developed by the specialists of this company car genX is a symbiosis of a true sports car and car every day".Externally experimental prototype really like a futuristic sports car is almost missing body overhangs, powerful wheels, muscular body lines. However, there is striking unexpected "direction" of the middle part of the body. This item points to an interesting feature of EDAG genX: first sports car will be able to offer its passengers a full bed. However, detailed information on how it is implemented this feature in close car yet. It is also known that the novelty can resize your beauty at the expense of the movable roof sections, equipped with electric, informs .Another interesting bar special boxes for Luggage, attached to the sides of the EDAG genX. They are removable, so you can use them as normal baggage bags or suitcases.Such an unusual decision, as its creators say, reflect changes in the lifestyle of modern people, requiring extraordinary, but at the same time also practical cars. Читать полностью -->

Mitsubishi announces the reorganization of its sports section

Mitsubishi announces the reorganization of its sports section Corporation Mitsubishi announced the reorganization of its sports Department after a disastrous season in the world rally Championship with a failed model Lancer WRC. The firm Ralliart Europe will continue westcat in the race, but now all its activities will be held under the supervision of the newly created organization Mitsubishi Motorsport.This season the factory team was able to score just nine points and finished the championship at the end, followed only by Skoda. This season was the first time that all stages of the team's pilots were on Lancer WRC, the successor of the successful model of group A.The main result of the policy review Mitsubishi may be the transition to a model Colt. This decision will be made in the coming months.. . . Читать полностью -->

Hockenheim: 1 qualification

Hockenheim: 1 qualification During the first qualification for the Grand Prix of Germany at the Hockenheimring race track, Mercedes, for which this circuit is "home", suffered a crushing defeat from its competitors from BMW.David Coulthard again with a crash failure session, flying for the first ten, the young leader of the McLaren Mercedes Kimi Raikkonen became only the sixth.But the pilots of the team BMW WilliamsF1 Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya easily left to do all rivals. They were the only riders who managed to change the time 1:15.Ralf Schumacher, who took intermediate pole position, stated that his speed in qualifying surprised even himself. "My car was just perfect. She was wonderfully balanced, and tires also behaved well. I can only be too pleased with this result, because it shows that we were able to solve the problems we have in the morning during practice. Now I am looking forward to the second qualification and a good race, especially because the weather forecast promises heat, and it is very suitable for us".Juan Pablo Montoya, left behind by the partner at 0.25 s, also was pleased with his machine, but acknowledged that they had made a small mistake on a fast lap. Читать полностью -->

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