Mosley warns Formula 1

Mosley warns Formula 1 Boss Motorsports Max Mosley said that the number of teams in Formula 1 in 2003 can be reduced to 10.Arrows missed the last five races last season and currently trying to find at least some sponsors for the next season.But Mosley suggests that, in addition, the distance can go another 2 teams."It would be nice to have 22 cars on the track, but I think 20 is more likely figure", he said."And not even necessarily Arrows, it can be one or two other commands that are not one hundred percent ready to race"."But, let's hope that they get ready to March".It is reported that all 11 teams who finished last season, has paid the membership fee is € 200,000 - until last Friday.The official balance of power will be FIA announced in early December.Arrows announced last week that they are negotiating with a German investor who will join the "new stream" in the team.The company indicated in the report, the German Grand Prix Racing, in turn, will represent the interests of the Arab investor.It is assumed that the other two teams mentioned Mosley, this is Jordan and Minardi.Jordan said last week that the contract for 15 million euros from Deutsche Post is interrupted at the end of this year, although the team are confident that you will find a new sponsor.Boss Рњinardi, Paul Stoddart, also said that at the moment is looking for more sponsors, but his team will participate in the races of 2003.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

First spy photo Mustang 2005

First spy photo Mustang 2005 In front of you the first spy photos of the 2005 Ford Mustang. The concept of this model was presented at the exhibition in Detroit, and the production version will be shown in Detroit in 2004.Presumably, it will have a V-6 engine, but more powerful, ranging from 300 HP, Beauty, as you can see in the photos, will be finished in chrome.15.07.2003. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Chrysler took off 10% on the new wagon Pacifica

Chrysler took off 10% on the new wagon Pacifica The Americans are dissatisfied with the sluggish start of sales of the Pacifica, which in may is recognized as the safest in its class and has received a 5 star NHTSA.For the first month and a half sold 7700 machines despite the noisy advertising campaign in the US around the estate.Now Chrysler has decided to spur sales of Pacifica and declared him the same discounts that are on his car the previous model year. Alternatively, buyers can get an interest free loan for five years.Recall that Pacifica is equipped with personal safety. For frontal airbags for the driver and all passengers added on the side of the window, as well as special cushions to protect the knees ahead of sitting. The latter is equipped with sensors that are able to choose the necessary degree pump, cushions, depending on the impact force in a collision. The machine has also patented steering column, which absorbs the impact. Selling prices for Pacifica wagon for the us market is set in the range of $29-32 thousand depending on the modification.20.10.2003. Читать полностью -->

Developed new belts

Developed new belts A world leader in the design and manufacture of security systems for cars, the Swedish company Autoliv introduced a new security system that combines three-point and point-to-point belts and the side airbag. According to company representatives, the combination of the two belts 30% more efficient than the conventional three-point belts. Three-point seat belt fastened as usual, and, point-to-point already fastened on top of it. In addition, the new system the company has added and an inflatable airbag that protects during side collisions.26.05.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

Conceptcar Of Urelease

Conceptcar Of Urelease The factory used to build the task was to depict the 12 existing models of trucks, through the prism of the future (the next 15 - 30 years). Concept cars have to fit into the already established idea of the products used to build and not to look too futuristic.What happened, you can see in the presented projects.Now these works are used by motor vehicles for advertising purposes.The work was carried out by designers Dmitry Semenov and Vaculik Yuri.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Zavolzhsky motor plant in 2002. made 250.686 engines

Zavolzhsky motor plant in 2002. made 250.686 engines JSC "Zavolzhskiy motor works" (ZMZ, Nizhny Novgorod region) produced in 2002. 250 thousand 686 engines of various modifications (102.4% vs. 2001). As reported by RBC in the press-service of the enterprise, the production volume of engines ZMZ-406 increased by 25.5% and amounted to 120 thousand 645 PCs motors 406-th family accounts for more than half of the total volume of production of JSC "ZMZ". Production volume eight-cylinder engines decreased in comparison with 2001. Читать полностью -->

New Togliatti "Hope-MARCH

New Togliatti Togliatti enterprise "BRONTO", producing the vehicles, including armored, exhibited at the Moscow auto show new car ultrahigh permeability. This is another Russian premiere at the Expo center.An all-terrain vehicle `MARCH-2` (otherwise BRONTO 1922-10) developed using components and assemblies serial UAZ and VAZ. It is based on the body of a minivan VAZ-2120.The car accommodates 8 people. It is equipped with a seat-coupe, which if necessary can be transformed into beds (6 rear seats). The payload of the new ATV 500 kg, maximum speed 70 km/H.The frame design allows you to install on the car as gasoline engines VAZ, diesel engines ZMZ and UMP. The Rover is able to make a long trip without refueling: it has 2 fuel tank volume is 70 liters each.Source: "Behind the wheel". Читать полностью -->

Peugeot expects demand

Peugeot expects demand Demand for cars in Western Europe in 2003 will be closer to the expected minimum because of the war in Iraq, suggested on Tuesday the President of the French company car manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroen Jean-Martin, VW.Earlier in 2003, VW have suggested that the automotive market in Europe can be reduced during the year by two percent. However, he did not rule out demand by 10-15 percent in the case, if the growth of the world economy will be severely affected because of the war."I believed that the reduction will be from zero to two percent in the case, unless there is a serious deterioration in the international situation. But it happened, and negative consequences for Western economies have become inevitable. We will be at the lower limit of forecasts," said VW.09.04.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

From 1 may 2003. increased selling prices for the products of OJSC "GAZ"

From 1 may 2003. increased selling prices for the products of OJSC JSC `GAS` may 1, 2003 increased selling prices for car family `GAZelle`, medium-duty trucks and cars `Volga` on average 1-2 percent (2-3 thousand rubles). As reported by RBC in the company, the price increases associated with the need to offset the cost of upgrading cars. Recall that the upgraded cars collection `GAZelle`, JSC `GAS` produced since January of this year, and on may 19, is scheduled to begin production of the upgraded `Volga`.2002. JSC "Gorky automobile plant" produced 198 135 thousand cars, which is 3.5% more than in 2001. Over the past year were collected 65 648 thousand cars, 132 487 thousand cargo, of which 32 229 thousand vans. Читать полностью -->

Mercedes went under convoy in Kabul

Mercedes went under convoy in Kabul Humanitarian aid was organized on the initiative of DaimlerChrysler and takes place in the framework programme of the European Union to promote the restoration of social infrastructure and economy of Afghanistan.Cars are carrying 200 tons of equipment and materials, including for urgent organization of public water supply, repair of power plants, as well as hospitals and schools.The first part of the route the convoy will proceed through Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. Then the waterway it crosses the Black sea and landed in the Georgian port of Poti.After this the machine will go to Baku, where again by water to cross the Caspian sea and unloaded in Turkmenistan.Through Ashgabat convoy will proceed in Uzbekistan, and, after 1200 miles, bypassing the Samarkand October 1, reaches the border with Afghanistan.The delivery of humanitarian aid by road from Europe to Afghanistan can be considered as a good test for trucks Actros. The organizers suggest that in the later sections of the route they will be able to overcome 250-350 km per day, while in the movement for 10-12 hours. The main difficulty will be to bad roads and elevated temperature of about 50C."Our technology will be able to survive this," said the head of the cargo division of Mercedes-Benz Klaus Maier. According to him, the model Actros proven in operation in various conditions in 98 countries. In Afghanistan went completely new model, and it will be a good test for them, said Mayer.09.09.2003. Читать полностью -->

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