Seat Cupra GT - for racing and road

Seat Cupra GT - for racing and road A new prototype Seat differs significantly from the concepts Salsa and Tango. Cupra GT was first presented at the motor show in Barcelona. Command Seat Sport and design Studio Seat Design Centre have jointly developed this magnificent machine.What is she so gorgeous? To start with the fact that the hood is back, and hides the 3-liter V6 engine with twin turbine from Audi, which has a capacity of no less than 500 HP, and promised to accelerate to 100 km/h the car will be for some of 4.2 seconds. Maximum speed of this car is 300 km/H.Pendant is made from composite materials, the body painted in bright orange color, so no one missed this creation. The company claims that the body and chassis make Cupra real racing car. 18-inch 6-spoke wheels are attached by a single bolt, which allows you to instantly change the wheels.Real racing Cupra is almost ready to participate in the Spanish racing 2003 Spanish GT Championship, and later this year, Seat Sport will begin production of the "civilian" version.28.04.2003. Читать полностью -->

Ferrari in Moscow

Ferrari in Moscow In Moscow, opened the first sports car hire. Having in his pocket a tidy sum, you can drive behind the wheel of exclusive cars type Aston Martin DB7, Dodge Viper or a Ferrari 360 Modena. Unless, of course, wait their turn, which are planned for the months ahead. -Rent sports cars in Europe there is not the first year. However, to take the car there. Many companies require that the driver had not only great experience, but also the age of 28-30 years. Читать полностью -->

Subaru Forester received the prize at home

Subaru Forester received the prize at home Updated Subaru Forester received a special prize from the jury of the Japanese competition "Car of The Year". The awards jury of automotive experts and journalists working in Japanese automotive publications.The jury emphasized the practicality, comfort and ease of management of the new Forester. Were also highly appreciated by its off-road qualities, because the clearance of this car is 190 mm. . . . Читать полностью -->

ALMS remains without European stages

ALMS remains without European stages The organizers of the American Series Le Mans (ALMS) has published the final version of the 2003 calendar. Unfortunately fans, it wasn't one of the European stage.The ALMS President Scott Atherton commented: "Despite the huge interest in the series in Europe, we have not been able to handle all the organizational issues, mainly relating to agreements with guide lines".The season traditionally opens March twelve hour race in Sebring, and will be completed in October at road Atlanta.ALMS-2003 - the final calendarMarch 14-15: Sebring5 April: Mexico city29 June: Washington, DCJuly 27: Sears pointAugust 3: Trois RivieraAugust 17: MosportAugust 24: Elkhart lake7 September: Laguna SecaSeptember 27: Miami18 October: road Atlanta. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Sales of BMW in August 2003. grew 1.1%

Sales of BMW in August 2003. grew 1.1% Sales of BMW AG in August 2003. increased in comparison with August 2002. 1.1% to 74 530 thousand cars, the press service of the company. Thus, for the first time since C., the year the growth was recorded in sales of cars BMW, whose sales in August 2003. grew 0.8% to 62 thousand 650 cars. Читать полностью -->

GAS has released the first batch of cars GAZ-3110 with body parts made of galvanized steel

GAS has released the first batch of cars GAZ-3110 with body parts made of galvanized steel OJSC "GAZ" released the first pilot batch of cars GAZ-3110 "Volga" with body parts made of galvanized steel. As the press service of the company, introduction of galvanized steel in the manufacture of passenger cars will significantly increase their service life, improve quality and improve consumer properties of the "Volga".Galvanized steel fabricated body parts that are more susceptible to the influence of corrosion - spars, amplifiers, mudguards, flaps wings, floor panel, hood, trunk, doors, etc. is Just part of the GAZ-3110 about 60 galvanized parts, which accounts for 50% of the total area of the car body.Experimental-industrial batch is for studying the demand for cars "Volga" with a fully galvanized body, said the press service of OJSC "GAZ".22.01.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

Seat prepares hot Ibiza

Seat prepares hot Ibiza At the Geneva motor show Seat will introduce a new generation of its `hot` hatchback Ibiza Cupra R.For the first time in the history of sports Spanish versions of the manufacturer can be selected as a gasoline engine or a diesel. The petrol engine of 1.8 liters will have a capacity of 180 HP, and diesel 1.9-liter will offer 150 HPUnlike the standard version of the Cupra R will have a hard sport suspension, which, according to company representatives, will make driving very sharp.Of course, Ibiza Cupra R will differ from the standard version and externally. The car will get a massive bumpers, chrome grille, big spoiler on the back door, sport exhaust system, and 5-spoke 17-inch wheels. In the cabin will be installed sports seats and steering wheel with a small diameter.Security will provide system ABS, ESP and TCS (Traction Control System controlling the distribution of torque to the wheels).18.02.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

Volkswagen Golf GTI: on sale since 2004

Volkswagen Golf GTI: on sale since 2004 In the autumn of next year the market will be `hot`, GTI version of the fifth generation Volkswagen Golf.Under the hood of the car will be hiding 200-HP engine with direct injection FSI.Outwardly from its brother serial, version GTI different grille, bumper with huge air intakes, extended arches of the wings and black trim rear window. The design of the front part, especially the grille, in common with the conceptual Roadster Concept R.Three large barred air intake in the front bumper provide to enjoy the fresh air. Above the rear door appeared developed a spoiler. In addition, the car will get 18-inch wheels and vysokoizbiratelnoy brake system Brembo.The vehicle must support the sporting ambitions of the driver. Door sills, pedals and spokes of the steering wheel is made of shiny aluminum. Volkswagen Golf V GTI received and new sports seats with integrated head restraints. Читать полностью -->

Holidays the center of Moscow will be closed to vehicles

Holidays the center of Moscow will be closed to vehicles Moscow traffic police has announced a change in the traffic during the Christmas holidays.As reported by RBC in the press service of the Metropolitan police, in connection with the Solemn meeting Santa Claus on Tverskaya square 27 December 2003. 10:30 GMT will be prohibited traffic on Tverskaya Ul. from Pushkin square to Okhotny Ryad street.In this regard, the traffic police recommends the use of the bypass paths through Vozdvizhenka street, Novy Arbat, Solyanka, Maroseika, Bolshaya Nikitskaya, Garden ring and the Nikitsky Boulevard. In the period of holding in the State Kremlin Palace of the all-Russian Christmas tree 09:00 GMT will be denied the motion on Vasilevsky descent and Moskvoretskaya street.Just in time for new year's reception on behalf of the mayor of Moscow OJSC "Gostiny Dvor" December 29, 16:00 GMT until the end of the event will be prohibited traffic on Ilyinka street. New year's eve, 31 December 1 January in connection with the celebrations from 22:00 GMT will be cordoned off in the center of Moscow on Tverskaya Ul., Mokhovaya, Okhotny Ryad, butcher, Ilinka, and Theater and Lubyanskaya passages and Vasilevsky descent.It should be noted that in the new year's eve traffic on many roads of Moscow is difficult. In particular, on December 23, there were significant difficulties on the Garden ring, on all major roads in the side area and in some areas of the Third transport ring.In order to relieve the city streets in Moscow introduced a special plan "Jam Center. Читать полностью -->

Montoya will be a very interesting race

Montoya will be a very interesting race The driver of the Williams of Juan Pablo Montoya with optimism tuned for the next Grand Prix, which will take place next weekend at the Italian Monza."Let's start with the fact that Milan is my favorite track," said the Colombian. I here twice won the pole position, and in 2001, the year he won his first race. In addition, we looked very much on past tests here, which allows us to hope for a successful finish, but can be - and to win".Three races before the end of the season Montoya is second in the overall standings of the championship, losing leader Michael Schumacher only one point."It would be great to win in Monza, on the "home" track Ferrari, where hundreds of thousands of her fans. "says Montoya. But my main goal is not to win at all costs, and to finish the race ahead of its competitors - Schumacher and Raikkonen.In General, Italian weekend promises to be very interesting.". . Читать полностью -->

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