Ralph will be punished

Ralph will be punished At the end of the Grand Prix of Germany, the subject of the proceedings of the stewards of the race was the accident in the first corner, where he faced Ralf Schumacher (Williams), Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari), Kimi Raikkonen (McLaren), as well as more machines.After review of the incident, the stewards concluded that the cause of the blockage in the first turn was Ralf Schumacher locking Rubens Barrichello.The judge decided to punish the pilot Williams. At the Hungarian Grand Prix Ralf Schumacher will start at 10 positions below the place that he will win in Saturday's qualifying.04.08.2003. . . . . Читать полностью -->

New `Volga` appears in early 2003

New `Volga` appears in early 2003 Gorky automobile plant in the first quarter of 2003 plans to release the first prototype of a completely new vehicle class `E`. This is with reference to the Director General of factory Alexei Barantseva reports Regions.Ru.As stated Barantsev at a press conference on November 14, the new car will retain the name `Volga`, however, its development took into account all the mistakes in the previous models of Gas. In addition, the head of JSC `GAS` stressed that the plant is not going to buy or license any model from its Italian partner, Fiat. `We are able to update our lineup, " he said.We also note that the prototype of the future innovations was shown Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the Volga Federal district Sergei Kirienko, who praised the work done by the engineers of the Gorky automobile plant, and stated that the new `Volga` he liked.www.lenta.ru19.11.2002. . . Читать полностью -->

Colin McRae: "I fast enough for Formula 1

Colin McRae: Ex-world champion rally Colin McRae admitted that probably will leave WRC, if next year he will not be able to contract with one of the leading stables championship."I just want to be driving a good and fast machine," says the Scot. Now I'm a pilot Citroen, but if I fail to renew with the French team contract or I will not offer another strong stable, I will try to find a place in other disciplines of Motorsport".At the same time, the McRae ruled out the possibility of playing in the Formula 1, although in the mid-nineties has conducted demonstration tests at the wheel of a car Jordan."I think, in Formula 1, I would have been fast enough," says McRae. But there's a pilot too many secondary obligations that distract from the race. I prefer the GT championship or American series NASCAR".Source: www.asport.ru09.09.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

Japanese "pure" on Russian roads

Japanese When the car moves through the city streets, head in his direction turn everyone: pedestrians, drivers, traffic police and even domestic dogs.Very carefully look into the machine pensioners. Why! Type of car immediately evokes associations with violent 60-mi - sex, drugs and rock-n-roll!Young people are also not averse to drive a small car, good difficulty it does not occur because it is a modern Japanese car, old-fashioned. The name of the handsome Nissan March Bolero. And, as is evident from the surname of the baby, his dad was long and well-known March, the famous lady's pet.Bolero looks like a real Oldtimer. Round lights, the abundance of chromium, a characteristic pattern of the grille - all intended to emphasize his affiliation with the fashion in the global automotive industry towards "retro". The origins of this trend is required, oddly enough, the rapid advancement of high technologies in all areas. Читать полностью -->

BMW 5 series from AC Schnitzer in Russia

BMW 5 series from AC Schnitzer in Russia In the showroom, "azimuth SP presents a new 5 series BMW from the famous German tuning firm AC Schnitzer".Gorgeous lines of the new BMW 5 series highlighted by elegant and aggressive corporate body kit, front spoiler improves aerodynamic quality, and overall sports car design accentuate the aerodynamic skirt, spoiler and a spoiler on the roof. In the tuning package also includes 19-inch alloy wheels.02.04.2004. . . . . Читать полностью -->

General Motors offers new Russians loans

General Motors offers new Russians loans Under the program, buyers can obtain a mortgage for the purchase of Opel cars for up to three years at 9% per annum without a fee. In addition, the new program allows you to get insurance "CASCO" award from 2.4% of the cost of the machine with deductible $ 1,000.In Moscow in the program participate in international Moscow Bank and Extralink, in St. Petersburg - international Moscow Bank and Bank Menatep St. Petersburg. Insurance is RESO-Garantia and Progress-Garant.Sergey Bogdanov, Director of sales GM CIS, as follows commented on the new program: "In 2003, the retail market has continued its dynamic growth. Offer corporate lending program is for GM CIS an important step, because further increases the attractiveness of the brand Opel for Russian buyers".A special program will last until the end of 2003.07.11.2003. Читать полностью -->

Toyota modified Yaris

Toyota modified Yaris Toyota did a little work on his new car, improve system security, putting on a new engine and giving it a bit more style. Although I must say that `stuffing` was given much more attention than it looks, which is now satisfied with the manufacturer.Now the Yaris is a little tighter body, at all Seating positions three-point seat belts, and in all vehicles. In addition to the T2 variant will be in the base set to stand side airbags. The engine now will be 1.3-litre engine with an output of 83 HP, and how option will be available semi-automatic transmission.The cost for the Yaris in the basic configuration will remain unchanged, reports BBS Top Gear.25.03.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

OJSC KAMAZ on results of 2003. expects to receive a net profit of 112 million rubles

OJSC KAMAZ on results of 2003. expects to receive a net profit of 112 million rubles OJSC KAMAZ on results of 2003. expects to receive a net profit of approximately $ 112 million rubles, said today at a press conference the enterprise's General Director Sergey Kogogin.According to him, the company is currently working on the business plan, which was adopted in the beginning of the year, and intends in 2003. produce up to 24 thousand trucks. In 2004. the company expects to increase production by 8%.In the fall of 2003. Читать полностью -->

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