GM closes a plant in Baltimore

GM closes a plant in Baltimore Production at the plant in Baltimore, where 1100 workers will be phased out by 2005.The company produces an outdated model rear-wheel drive mid-size minivan Chevrolet Astro (photo) and GMC Safari. They started the series back in 1984 and to date, their design is fundamentally obsolete.The GM representative said that the leadership group is not considering plans to upgrade production in Baltimore and is not going to learn there the production of new models.Part of working with this Assembly plant can get a seat on the new company GM Allison Transmission in the same city, which is engaged in production of transmission nodes.Among the candidates for closure, in addition to the plant in Baltimore, are called similar enterprises GM in Linden new Jersey. All three built in 1930-ies.Representatives of GM promises to be reconstructed only plant in new Jersey, which is expected to resume in 2007, it is planned to create 1200 jobs20.09.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

Elegant sportiness - Kleemann GT55

Elegant sportiness - Kleemann GT55 Tuning shop Kleemann, known for its adjustments Mercedes-Benz presented the exclusive sports coupe based on the model of CL.This elegant car looks sporty and aggressive.Working on the basic model, experts Kleemann, perfected first appearance of the car, making it faster and stronger at the same time elegance. Design GT55 is designed in the style of Gran Turismo.Sport front and rear spoilers Kleemann GT55 suggest NEGURA motor power lurking under the hood. The shape of the front spoiler optimal for better stability behavior of the car on the road at any speed. The air intake is through the false radiator grille and spoiler provides better cooling of the engine and compressor, as well as proper ventilation of the brake system to avoid overheating components when working in extreme conditions.In the design of the rear spoiler is twistie - diffuser helps to control the flow of air under the vehicle, to improve the stability behavior GT55 at high speeds.Sports coupe are exclusive 20" inch alloy wheels revolutionary design Kleemann TS-6. Thanks to their unique shape, the motion of the machine, the air from the bottom "is sucked out, like the vanes of the fan, which provides additional cooling to the brakes and increases the contact force GT55 to the road.The interior of the GT55 is hand-made according to customer's requirements. Sports bucket seat can be ordered from the skin or alcantra a wide range of colors, or in combination. Читать полностью -->

Mercedes Car Group in 2004. expects a significant increase in profit

Mercedes Car Group in 2004. expects a significant increase in profit European office group DaimlerChrysler AG, Mercedes Car Group expects in 2004. significant profit growth. This statement was made by journalists Executive Director jГјrgen Hubbert at the motor show in Tokyo.Recall that earlier, Mercedes Car Group announced that revenue in the third quarter, remained almost unchanged and amounted to 793 million euros.24.10.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

The new generation Mercedes S-Class passing

The new generation Mercedes S-Class passing Completely new generation of the flagship of the range Mercedes, luxury sedan, Mercedes S-Class has already started road tests. Premiere of new items, which will be much different from the current car, scheduled for Geneva autoshow 2005.The company's specialists Mercedes start road testing a completely new generation of flagship of this German brand, sedan Mercedes S-Class. Before the premiere of new products, while code-named W221, there are still about two years, however, some information is already available.According to sources in the company of Mercedes, brand management decided not to increase the size sedan S-Class, not to create internal competition with luxury Maybach sedan. Instead, it is planned to extend the wheelbase of the new features and move the wheels closer to the corners of the body - this will allow to significantly increase the useful volume of the cabin, without changing the dimensions of the car.The appearance of the new generation S-Class will differ significantly from the now sold the car - the front part of the body is made in the style of the recent concept car Mercedes GST and get new headlights and a wide grille. By the way, some design ideas plan to borrow all at the same Maybach. The rear part of the body is made in the style of Mercedes E-Class last generation.As the developers say, the new S-Class will be one of the safest cars in the world. Читать полностью -->


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