Reuters: Automobile plant Ural in 2002 reduced the production to 9.118 cars

Reuters: Automobile plant Ural in 2002 reduced the production to 9.118 cars JSC Automobile plant Ural in 2002 reduced the production of cars to 9.118 pieces with 10.010, released in 2001, told Reuters spokesman automobile Olesya Kasakova.Automobile plant Ural created in the process of restructuring the bankrupt OAO Ural automobile plant (motor vehicles). The plant producing trucks under the brand name "Ural", included in the holding RusPromAuto."Last year, the plant reduced production due to unfavorable market conditions, but car sales have gone up since I sold cars, released in 2001," explained Kasakova.Automobile plant Ural in 2002 exported 4.100 machines.In 2003, the automobile plant Ural, production capacity which allow the release of 30,000 cars a year, plans to collect 9.500 cars. Export will be sent, according to preliminary data, about 2,000 trucks.Source: Reuters16.01.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

Details about Peugeot 207cc

Details about Peugeot 207cc The following year, at the Paris motor show, Peugeot will present the replacement of its bestselling model 206.In addition, the company will provide and replace the Roadster with hard top 206cc. The car will get a Central glass partition in the hard top convertible. The design of the car will borrow some of the features not only Seryoga 307cc, but will inherit the most vivid details of the concept cars RC.Sources within the company say that 207cc will no longer SS, but its wheelbase is increased by 10 cm, which will have a positive impact on the free space in the cabin. Suspension coupe-cabriolet will borrow from Citroen C3 Pluriel.Besides the already known 1,2 - and 2-litre petrol engines, Peugeot plans to add in range and 2-liter diesel.09.07.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

Porsche Carrera GT: it's even more than you expected!

Porsche Carrera GT: it's even more than you expected! Carrera GT, the debut is scheduled for March of this year, will receive a more powerful engine than we reported earlier - 612 HP will be `removed` from the volume of 5.7 liters. The length of the Porsche Carrera GT br4.61 meters, width of 1.92 meters, and the height of 1.16 m. The weight of the car is just 1.380 kg. This light weight not a small car due to the fact that the Carrera GT is the first car body built around a monocoque made of composite materials.You need to have great imagination to imagine what will happen when the vehicle accelerates. To 100 km/h it it takes just 3.9 seconds, 6 seconds needed to reach the speed of 200 km/h and top speed is 330 km/h to disperse the car to that speed effectively and quickly uses a six-speed manual transmission, and carbon fibre clutch Porsche Ceramic Composite Clutch (PCCC).To the intoxication of speed is not turned into a nightmare on the road, the Porsche engineers had a very long and carefully to work on the aerodynamics of the body. Each part of the body, starting from the inlet to the diffuser ensures that the car lost traction. Читать полностью -->

Geneva: SUV AC Schnitzer ACS3

Geneva: SUV AC Schnitzer ACS3 The second SUV in the BMW family appeared before the visitors of the Geneva motor show under the brand of AC Schnitzer.This time, the tuning program was prepared for the 3-liter diesel version of the BMW X3. Using chip-tuning the engine power was increased to 245 HP and a maximum torque of 460 Nm.Despite the increase in power of the power unit and improved dynamic performance, fuel consumption has not changed. Together with the program tuning or without assistants AC Schnitzer recommend to install specially designed for this model stainless steel muffler, because it guarantees the optimal solution of the exhaust stream in the exhaust system.Changing landscapes and road surfaces are not an obstacle for sports suspension X3 from AC Schnitzer. Thanks to its special configuration and the reduced ground clearance, improved vehicle dynamics and stability of conduct.Good contact between the X3 and the road surface is achieved by using several combinations of alloy wheels and different tires. Possible to install - sporty alloy wheels Type IV size 21 " with tyres 255/30 front and 295/25 rear. The alternative can be 20-inch wheels Type IV and classic sports 19-inch Type III. Читать полностью -->

"Minardi" becomes stronger

Next season the team Minardi" will be much stronger. The reason is simple: instead of the weak "Asiatica" fireballs of Scuderia from Faenza will be performing on the tracks "Formula-1" engine "Cosworth".This is not reported by official sources in Minardi" and "Koswara", but this is clearly and plainly says on the official website of the FIA in a special press release. "Minardi" already got a plan for the delivery of engines Cosworth V10 with a camber angle of 72 degrees sample 2002. The team will start the season with the car PS02, equipped with this engine. Official confirmation of the transaction will follow later," said the FIA statement.Actually neither Paul Stoddart, no guidance "Cosworth" until confirmed final signing of the agreement, although the chef "Minardi" acknowledged that to date, his team can contract only with "Cosworth". For Minardi was willing to put their engines and Ferrari, but the deal with the Italians would have cost a small team of 25 million dollars a year, and it is very big money for "Minardi".Searching for a new supplier of engines began immediately after it became clear that "Asiatic" due to financial problems leaves the "Formula-1".In the end, all paths led to "Cosworth". Читать полностью -->

Suzuki reduces the cost of Wagon R, excluding from complete equipment Hire

Suzuki reduces the cost of Wagon R, excluding from complete equipment HireIn order to increase sales of its model Wagon R 1.3 Classic, the company Suzuki was expelled from picking some of the equipment available on the Club versions and Comfort. From the list of standard equipment disappeared anti-lock braking system, side airbags, active head restraints, power Windows, tachometer and Central locking with remote control. Due to this price on Classic has been reduced to 900 euros. In addition, from the list of options disappeared four-wheel drive and automatic transmission.. . . Читать полностью -->

Canada on the flight!

Canada on the flight! After last week it was decided to return to the calendar of Formula 1 Grand Prix of Belgium at Spa, in the schedule of the championship-2004 arose hitch - it was 18 stages instead of the required Contract Agreement 17...But today, apparently, this problem was resolved by administrative means - higher ranks of Formula 1 indicated the Grand Prix of Canada at the door.The organizers of the stage in Montreal called an emergency press conference at which he announced the receipt of a letter from Bernie Ecclestone to notice that in 2004, the stage will be erased from the calendar of Formula 1...The promoter of the Grand Prix of Canada Norman Legal told reporters that the main reason for exclusion of the canadian stage were the changes in the legislation of this country, providing a comprehensive ban of tobacco advertising on all sporting events from October 1 this year. According to Legos, if the law will remain in its current form, the canadian no chance to regain the race in 2005.Economists care Formula 1 will turn to Montreal loss of approximately $ 40 million in the city budget.Himself Bernie Ecclestone, however, said today that the final version of the calendar of Formula 1, 2004 has not yet been approved...09.08.2003. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Russian racer in the `Formula 1`

Russian racer in the `Formula 1` Russian racer has signed a contract with the team "Formula 1". One of the team's leaders "Minardi, CEO and founder Giancarlo Minardi, officially announced that Russian Sergey Zlobin signed an agreement on the role of test driver stables next season.At a press conference in Moscow, where he is staying Mr. Minardi, he stated that the main goal of his visit is the signing of a contract with Zlobin.Giancarlo Minardi expects the 32-year-old Sergei in the near future will become the main driver."We will be with Sergei most intense tests, only what is possible, and I think one day he will track a car for fighting," said Minardi. - More specifically, about its future I will be able to say after the year end we will conduct a few tests.". . . Читать полностью -->

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