The list of companies that have obtained licenses for insurance AGO

The list of companies that have obtained licenses for insurance AGO The Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) has released the list of companies that obtained licenses to conduct Compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners.This 110 organizations, half of them in Moscow.The published coordinates of insurers (according to the regional principle). Just recall, in PCA are 128 companies.Moscow:"Aviation unified insurance Fund" (AFES: Leningradsky Prospekt, 37, bldg 3): 155-53-94AVICOS" (street Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya, 20, building 2): 208-17-42, 207-06-65"Joint-stock insurance company" ("ACOS Warranty": Ul. Truth, 23): 365-53-47, 365-53-80AlfaStrakhovanie (Shmitovsky, 3, building 1;, Kuznetsky most 21/5, entrance 8): 926-02-56, 926-02-06"ARIADNE" (Mytnaya street, 22, building 1): 236-09-77, 236-76-76, 236-09-07"Military insurance company" (Bolshaya Lubyanka, 11a, building 1): 785-27-76"Harmed" (Yartsevskaya street, 30-302): 149-15-30, 149-90-44"Geopolis" (Plyushchikha, 10; Warsaw highway, 39): 111-50-07"Hephaestus" (street Sadovaya-Spasskaya, 21/1, building 1): 204-02-88, 204-03-88City insurance company ("Ul. Zoological, 22): 956-28-90, 241-21-64"Renaissance Insurance" (Musa Jalil street, 5, building 5, room 1017; Yakimanskaya boardwalk, 2): 967-35-00"GUTA-Insurance" (1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 29; Myasnitskaya Ul., 35): 933-20-01"ZHASO" (Novaya Basmannaya street, 4/6, building 10): 262-20-11, 262-51-11"Live" (street of the Academician Anokhin, 12, building 3; Nakhimovsky Prospekt, 31, building 2): 719-79-01, 719-73-71"Investment and Finance" (Gastello street, 2): 450-02-13"Ingosstrah-agro" (Krasina pereulok, 16): 254-77-04Informstrakh (Dolgorukovskaya, 40): 973-52-90, 973-52-47"Leader" (Voznesensky pereulok,10, building 1): 956-50-14"LK-city" (Lobachevsky street, 66A; Krasnaya Presnya, 44, building 2): 255-91-58Megaruss-D" (Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, 14, building 2, room 35): 209-28-36"Interregional insurance agreement" (Teterinskoe lane, 4/8, building 2): 924-32-38"Mezhregiongas" (Spartakovskaya square, 16, building 2): 788-60-28"Metropolis" (pyzhevskii lane 6): 232-27-82, 232-27-83, 281-75-74""""" (Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 17): 929-65-58"The world of commercial calculation" (Bolshaya Polyanka, 42/2, building 4, office 206): 238-67-09, 238-64-81"Moscow joint-stock insurance company" (Kashirskoe shosse, 78, block 1): 323-97-00, 323-97-02"Moscow insurance company" (Dolgorukovskaya street, 40): 241-92-23"Mospromstroy-Garant" (Malaya Dmitrovka, 23/15, building 1): 209-01-98"Nasta Center (Trekhprudny pereulok, 9, building 7; Lev Tolstoy street, 5/1, building 1): 967-17-81"Neapolis" (Marsh street,16, building 1): 777-44-16"ORANTA" (Earthwork, 50A/8, building 3, room 315; Malaya Nikitskaya street, 27, building 2): 291-00-43, 291-87-53"Industrial insurance company" (Small Afanasievsky lane 7): 737-00-55"Regionaland" (Seleznevskaya street, 11a, building 2; Gilyarovskogo street, 18, building 1): 288-77-39, 281-79-82"RESO-Guarantee" (Ul. Hasek, 12, building 1): 250-36-00"Recon" (Rustaveli street,14): 219-20-17, 219-99-44ROSNO (Ozerkovskaya Naberezhnaya, 30): 956-21-05"The Russian state insurance company (Novoslobodskaya street, 23): 781-24-24"Russian insurance traditions" (Rocket Boulevard, 13, building 2): 283-88-03, 283-87-07"Consent" (Leninsky Prospekt, 2/2A; Small Tolmachevsky lane, 8/11, structure 3): 959-46-02, 959-46-24"Spasskie Vorota" (Novy Arbat, 36): 290-82-12"Standard Allowance" (Mira, 69, bld.1): 755-94-06"The insurance company law enforcement agencies" (Gazetny pereulok, 6): 222-36-58"Insurance company of gas industry" (the SOGAZ - Vernadsky prospect, 41, building 1; Nametkina street,16): 431-31-06, 432-57-88"Transneft" (Large Afanasievsky pereulok, 8 building 3; Tsvetnoy Bulvar, 22, building 1): 956-22-23, 956-22-24"TRACKS" (Mira, 102, building 1): 217-49-40"Energy insurance company (Chinese fare, 7; Ul. Voytovych, 46a): 220-44-35, 220-46-49Energogarant (Sadovnicheskaya embankment, 23): 737-03-01The Moscow region:Dmitrov - "TRACKS" (village Canastro, Dmitrov Autorepair plant): 217-49-40Dolgoprudny - "national insurance group" (Likhachev passage, 12): 974-63-03, 974-63-04, 974-63-05Krasnogorsk - "AVESTA" (Ilinskoe highway, 4): 105-58-58Lyubertsy - "Rosgosstrakh-the suburbs" (street of Kirov, 3): 267-38-84, 267-30-05Podolsk - "Podolsk" (Oktyabrsky prospect, 5): 715-90-07Troitsk - Moskovia (district In, 50): 334-04-71; (27) 51-74-69Khimki - "the World of commercial calculation" (street Park 5, room 1): 238-67-09, 238-64-81St. Читать полностью -->

"Formula 1: Grand Prix of Turkey under threat

The project of construction of the Turkish track Grand Prix "Formula 1" was under threat. To complete the Turks missing $55 million. An additional source of funding is urgently looking for the chamber of Commerce of Istanbul, RIA "Novosti" with reference to the local newspaper "Zaman".Initially, the project cost was about $ 100 million, but over time grew to 153 million, the newspaper writes. According to Zaman, Istanbul chamber of Commerce in the near future will hold an emergency meeting on the issue of financing of the circuit. The leadership of the house hopes to find additional funds will be possible thanks to the assistance of representatives of business circles and administration of Istanbul.The opening of the Turkish highway "Formula 1" is set in Istanbul on 21 August, when scheduled to be held the 14th stage of the 2005 world championship. At the first ever Turkish Grand Prix, according to forecasts, it is expected the presence of about 120 thousand spectators, most of which will come from abroad.The construction of the Istanbul route was started in September 2003. Читать полностью -->

Muscovites will prohibit Parking on the streets...

Muscovites will prohibit Parking on the streets... ...not before 1 January 2007. This is the term designated in the draft law "On placement of vehicles on the territory of the city of Moscow" made in the Moscow city Duma by the Government of the capital.It is assumed that by this time the Moscow authorities will have time to equip the required number of paid and free Parking. According to government plans, such Parking should be enough for all car owners.If the bill comes into force, motorists under the threat of a heavy fine will be prohibited to Park their cars on the streets. According to the legislators, Parking will be available only where permitted with appropriate signs.11.11.2003. . Читать полностью -->

The cars of the future will not need a driver?

The cars of the future will not need a driver? In the near future cars will be able to see, talk and move without human intervention. These features should help drivers cope with the difficult situation on the road. Such machines is the result of a four year project "Invent" conducted by the Federal Ministry of education and research of Germany and 24 automotive enterprises. The results of the research in the field of driving, driver assistance and traffic safety will be applied in mass production. For the project the Ministry has allocated 32 million euros, and the remaining 41 million provided companies participating.Some prototypes Invent installed equipment, and radars for better overview. Using sensors located in the tube machine can stay at a safe distance from the next car. Читать полностью -->

Car Audi will appear in the 2006

Car Audi will appear in the 2006 Audi this week officially confirmed their intentions in the next two years to start production of the new car, which most likely will be named the Audi R9. According to the publication Auto Motor und Sport, the new car will be presented in 2006, whereas in the sale it will appear only in 2007.As expected, based on the Audi R9 will be all-wheel drive chassis, borrowed from the Italian Lamborghini Gallardo. The design innovations will be made in the same style as the conceptual prototype of the Audi Le Mans presented in the fall of 2003. Be equipped with the Audi R9 likely be aspirated petrol engine V8 and V10, the latter will also be borrowed from the Lamborghini Gallardo, but deformirovannoi up to 450 horsepower version.The cost of future innovations have not yet been reported. To compete Audi R9 is rather with the BMW M6, than Porsche and Ferrari.11.05.2005. . Читать полностью -->

In Russia appeared first Navigator with VGA resolution

In Russia appeared first Navigator with VGA resolution "The MacCentre" presented at the Russian market of ready-to-use kit car navigation with VGA resolution that is intended to guide in Moscow and the Moscow region. With it, the owner can determine your location and get directions to any desired location or object on the map.Pocket Navigator PN 4700 consists of a pocket PC HP iPAQ hx4700 and the PocketGPS Pro Moscow program, the winner of the competition from Hewlett-Packard among business programs. The kit also includes all the accessories needed to install the Navigator in the car and its comfortable use. Specially adapted iPAQ hx4700 version of the program, combined with its high performance allow all navigational services to work much faster than other handhelds, according to developers.With Pocket Navigator PN 4700 driver can navigate the city with the help of a large chetyrehhodovogo screen with VGA resolution. It features user - map of Moscow and Moscow region with names of streets, metro stations, house numbers and other useful and important information.The program allows you to perform an address search and find objects of urban infrastructure. If you want on the way to stop at a gas station, a Parking lot or somewhere else, you can use the built-in database, which contains over 20 thousand records. Читать полностью -->

Jaguar C-Type 1952 will be sold under the hammer

Jaguar C-Type 1952 will be sold under the hammer A piece of history Jaguar will put up for sale. The vehicle-Type 1952 next month will be auctioned by Christie"s, the expected price of the rarity - from 1 million 750 thousand to 2 million 180 thousand euros.Model XK120C, based on luxury XK120 convertible, there are only 53 copies. This sports car is capable of accelerating up to 240 km/h, became the winner in the 24-hour race at Le Mans in 1951 and 1953.In 1950 Jaguar has decided to participate in the 24 hour Le Mans race, in order to assess the capabilities of their vehicles. The first time the company had failed - failed to finish in the top three, because after 21 hours at Jaguar, who was the first to have issues with the clutch. The team understood that the machine should be easier, and aerodynamics is better. So there was XK120C.For weight loss has been chosen a new frame, changes occurred in the XK engine, taken from the production model.Three of the car S-Type was finished just in time for Le Mans in 1952. Читать полностью -->

Season Telefonica World Series complete

Season Telefonica World Series complete Last weekend in the Brazilian Interlagos passed the final phase of the season Telefonica World Series of similar international Formula 3000.Both the race of the championship was held in bad weather conditions. Before the start of the first run was the strongest downpour that turned the track into one big lake. Even when the pace car a few riders "had gone" beyond the road.Won at home pole position of Ricardo Umbrella quietly started following the safety car, without losing the leading position. However, the dominance of Brazilian was not destined to last a long time before leaving the pace car from the road he went out, not holding the car on a slippery road. Leadership passed to the Belgian Bass to Lenders.Brilliant start managed Justin Wilson, who went into battle with the 11th position. After he left the Umbrella, Wilson was the third of posti Bass of Landers and Frank Montani."Can't say, as I was able, smiled Wilson. Читать полностью -->

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