The Commission held a "mask show" in the European offices PSA

The Commission held a The European Commission said Monday that last week have inspected all of the dealerships and offices Peugeot-Citroen in four countries. The representative of the Commission of Timal Luder said that in the validation process were collected documents in Holland, Germany, France and Denmark.Louder also said that the Commission wants to ensure that customers in Germany and France, where car prices are pretty high, you know that they can buy cars in Denmark and the Netherlands for less money.In 1998, the EU fined Volkswagen 102 million euros for the fact that they tried to dissuade buyers to purchase vehicles abroad. In 2001 Daimler Chyrsler was fined EUR 72 million for the same reason.Luder said checking Peugeot was part of a program to investigate such cases, and while it is impossible to say whether the company was fined.Car prices in the EU vary considerably, as manufacturers at home put a higher price. The Commission is investigating, do producers impact on their dealers to not sell cars abroad.From October in Europe will come into force new rules by which dealers can sell cars of different companies and to distinguish between service and sales.10.04.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

Mark's Wife will replace Ralf Schumacher in the BMW WilliamsF1

Mark's Wife will replace Ralf Schumacher in the BMW WilliamsF1 This morning, the driver of the BMW WilliamsF1 Ralf Schumacher finally parted with hopes for the title as his team took the decision to withdraw him from the race for health reasons.In early September on the tests at Monza, Schumacher Jr. was involved in a severe accident. He received a concussion and a few days she suffered from headaches and dizziness.To the Grand Prix of Italy Ralph felt better and on Thursday could safely undergo a medical examination with Professor Sid Watkins. However, after the first day of competition of the German pilot again felt bad - he resumed severe headaches. The team decided not to risk the health of their rider. Today and tomorrow in Monza at the wheel of the second blue and white car will be the test pilot and a spare racer mark Williams Wife.On Saturday before the first practice chief engineer for BMW WilliamsF1 Sam Michael said: "this morning we decided to give Mark the maximum amount of time on the track before qualification. Читать полностью -->

Kaliningrad KIA are exported to the Caucasus

Kaliningrad KIA are exported to the Caucasus In the first half of December ZAO Avtotor has shipped the first batch of cars KIA Sportage in Armenia. This is the second of the CIS (after Azerbaijan), who showed interest in Russian SUV - after stopping in 2003, the Assembly of this model in Korea ZAO Avtotor is the only manufacturer of Sportage.In the coming years it is expected to complete major improvements to the Sportage Sportage and Wagon, and by 2006, to bring the volume of production at full capacity, providing a full release technology (welding, painting, Assembly and testing) to 10 thousand cars per year.18.12.2003. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Rusyns: "Victory in Le Mans is very important to me"

Rusyns: Great was Roman Rusinov racing debut in endurance. On the eve of Muscovite, speaking for the team Courage, won in its class prestigious 1000-kilometer marathon in Le Mans.In the "absolute" crew Rusinova (except Muscovite in its composition were Belgian WIM Icons and San marinez Enrico Ascione) finished fourth."It was a very tough race," says Roman. - Quite a long time the track is watered by rain, causing a lot of cars went for a "walk" outside the track, putting on canvas the gravel and dirt. Greatly hindered lagging on a range of machines.The race, according to a team developed the plan, started WIM Icons. He started from the eighth position in the overall standings and by the end of his two-hour "session" made it to fifth place (some time Icons was the fourth, but then missed the front of her car team Intersport)."Vim to last rode on rain tires," says Roman. - This gave him a significant advantage early in the race and didn't, when the track began to dry out. Читать полностью -->

Da Matta believes in Toyota

Da Matta believes in Toyota Prior to his career Cristiano da Matta in Formula 1 remains less than two weeks, and champion series CART is sure that he has everything you need to succeed in `the big circus`. `Formula 1 is the pinnacle of racing, and I'm going to play for a team with good prospects, " said the rookie `stables` Toyota. Her chances of victory in the coming years is very high`. The Brazilian has long thought about the transition from the CART in the Formula 1, fearing to be in the race Grand Prix on the sidelines. `Eventually I came to the conclusion that I need to move forward to new goals in my career, " he explained to his truly pained decision 29-year-old da Matta. on November 26 on the track in Barcelona Cristiano will start pre-season tests as part of Toyota, which is preparing for his second season in Formula 1.. Читать полностью -->

The head of Rolls-Royce enters Alfa Romeo

The head of Rolls-Royce enters Alfa Romeo Unexpected changes happened this week in the Board room of the British brand Rolls-Royce is owned by BMW AG. 54-year-old Karl-Heinz Kalbfell who held the position of head of Rolls-Royce since may of this year, has left his position and announced his intention to go into the Italian Alfa Romeo. His position at the new place of work, he is not yet reported.Place the head of Rolls-Royce took the 41-year-old Stefan Krause, who was appointed to this post on Monday, October 18. Up to this point, Krause served as General Manager for the company's financial operations of BMW in the US. The main goal at the new location will be the implementation of the early plans of management of BMW selling 1000 cars Rolls-Royce in 2004. It is worth Recalling that until this brand has managed to implement only 485 cars in the first nine months of this year.We do not know yet how long Krause will last on a new post - manual BMW has not commented on the information about this temporary assignment or not.20.10.2004. Читать полностью -->

MPV from BMW will be!

MPV from BMW will be! Now, sources in the BMW claim that MPV under the Bavarian brand will appear. It seemed that the statements of the BMW that no carriers under this brand will never appear, had to put an end to disputes about what is hidden under the veil of secrecy - well you never know, the concept that leadership rejected. However, honing in on the reservation Punk that BMW plans to introduce on the market the more spacious model was able to obtain new details about the future novelty. The car is presented on the photo - computer drawing that was created on the basis of several spy photos, design sketches and information observers, who saw the trucks owned by BMW, with a strange car.Future compact MPV with a code name sc5 pack will be allocated to the hire of the fifth series and on the platform which it is built. It's really not a minivan or compact MPV, and the car is classified as MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle). To compete in the market the car would have, in particular, with Mercedes-Benz GST. Читать полностью -->

KRU Ministry of Finance showed on KAMAZ in the period since 1995. by 2001. shortages and theft by 64.1 million rubles

KRU Ministry of Finance showed on KAMAZ in the period since 1995. by 2001. shortages and theft by 64.1 million rubles Control and revision office (KRU) of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation revealed at JSC "KAMAZ" in the period from 1995 to 2001. shortages and theft of material and financial resources in the amount of the 64.1 million rubles For 9 months of 2002. identified shortages in the amount of 11.9 million rubles These figures, the press service of the Kama automobile plant, were announced during an exit meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov at KAMAZ.OJSC KAMAZ has prepared an action plan on elimination of the revealed violations. The economic security Department of JSC "KAMAZ" strengthen control over the contractual activities to avoid abuse by employees Trading and procurement company. Читать полностью -->

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