Mitsubishi announces the reorganization of its sports section

Mitsubishi announces the reorganization of its sports section Corporation Mitsubishi announced the reorganization of its sports Department after a disastrous season in the world rally Championship with a failed model Lancer WRC. The firm Ralliart Europe will continue westcat in the race, but now all its activities will be held under the supervision of the newly created organization Mitsubishi Motorsport.This season the factory team was able to score just nine points and finished the championship at the end, followed only by Skoda. This season was the first time that all stages of the team's pilots were on Lancer WRC, the successor of the successful model of group A.The main result of the policy review Mitsubishi may be the transition to a model Colt. This decision will be made in the coming months.. . . Читать полностью -->

Hockenheim: 1 qualification

Hockenheim: 1 qualification During the first qualification for the Grand Prix of Germany at the Hockenheimring race track, Mercedes, for which this circuit is "home", suffered a crushing defeat from its competitors from BMW.David Coulthard again with a crash failure session, flying for the first ten, the young leader of the McLaren Mercedes Kimi Raikkonen became only the sixth.But the pilots of the team BMW WilliamsF1 Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya easily left to do all rivals. They were the only riders who managed to change the time 1:15.Ralf Schumacher, who took intermediate pole position, stated that his speed in qualifying surprised even himself. "My car was just perfect. She was wonderfully balanced, and tires also behaved well. I can only be too pleased with this result, because it shows that we were able to solve the problems we have in the morning during practice. Now I am looking forward to the second qualification and a good race, especially because the weather forecast promises heat, and it is very suitable for us".Juan Pablo Montoya, left behind by the partner at 0.25 s, also was pleased with his machine, but acknowledged that they had made a small mistake on a fast lap. Читать полностью -->

Mazda MX-5: evolution instead of revolution

Mazda MX-5: evolution instead of revolution The history of the most successful Roadster in the world began in 1989, when the MX-5 started to be sold in the USA under the name Miata. Classic adsera layout: two seats, front engine and rear-wheel drive, easily lifting the roof and the lowest price immediately made the Miata bestseller. To date, the sale of two generations of the MX-5 amounted to 700 thousand cars. Next year will be presented to the next generation, which will arrive in showrooms in early 2005.In creating the image of a new generation MX-5 competed design centers from Japan, Europe and the USA, but in the end, won rationality. Scot Moray Kollam, brother chief designer Jan Kollam, has developed an evolutionary design model, which was approved in Mazda.The new generation MX-5 will be based on a shortened platform rotorangi coupe RX-8, however, the gasoline engines will remain. Under the hood will be able to accommodate four-cylinder engine volume of 1.6 and 1.8 liters with power from 110 to 200 HPThe most striking design element is the front part, solved in the new `pentagonal` style Mazda. Читать полностью -->

European team Of tested tires Avon

European team Of tested tires Avon Day after presentation of the tests in Vellinge team has tested tires Avon used in the series. In addition to tests of rubber, some teams had a sample of potential pilots.Three riders - Augusto Farfus, Fabrizio del Monte and Roman Rusinov worked with Avon tires version next year. New tires showed a significant improvement in the behaviour of the car, allowing half a second to reduce the lap time.1. A. Farfus, Draco - 1.04,202. F. Читать полностью -->

DTM. Fessler the second year in a row wins in Austria

DTM. Fessler the second year in a row wins in Austria Marcel Fassler has repeated his success from a year ago and won the DTM race at the Austrian highway A1-ring, which was held over the weekend.On the tail of Swiss throughout the race hung Bernd Schneider, but even pit stops did not help the Germans to come forward. However, the main task of Schneider to increase his lead in the world championship was completed: the chief persecutor of the German Christian Albers, finished third."The race was incredibly hard, I struggled to keep behind Bernd Schneider, said after the finish line the winner. In addition, the car had problems with the brake balance. But I still did it, thanks to my team, which has performed incredibly quick pit stop.Reigning series champion Laurent Aiello finished fourth and was the best representative of the Audi. His mate Mattias ekstrГ¶m was the fifth, and eighth finished another team member four rings - Martin Tomczyk. Читать полностью -->

Billionaire Kerkorian buys shares of loss-making General Motors

Billionaire Kerkorian buys shares of loss-making General Motors Billionaire kirk Kerkorian was put forward on 9 may an offer to buy 28 million shares of General Motors, the Associated Press reports. Thus, it will double its share in the company - despite the recent downgrade of GM to "speculative" status.Investment company of Kerkorian Tracinda Corporation offers around 870 million, or 31 dollars per share. If you can buy all 28 million shares, Kerkorian will own a total of 50 million shares - 8,84% of all shares of the company. Offer period expires June 7, the day of the annual meeting of shareholders of the company. Tracinda is already the owner of a large share of the casino operator and hotels MGM Mirage Inc.News of the intention of Kerkorian significantly increase its share in the company began to circulate in early may, which allowed shares of General Motors grow by 18 percent. Soon, however, the rating Agency Standard&Poor's announced the downgrade, which had a negative effect on the stock price. Читать полностью -->

VW Polo will look like R Concept?

VW Polo will look like R Concept? It is possible that Volkswagen Polo next generation will borrow some elements of the exterior of the conceptual Concept R Roadster, shown in the autumn in Frankfurt. After the presentation of the Conept R, the German press started talking about what this car shows a new direction in style Volkswagen - more dynamic and less conservative than it is today.It is expected that the first model created in this style will be updated VW Polo, Facelifting which should occur in late 2004 - early 2005. First of all, the car will get a new front part that is stronger will alienate him from his younger brother Lupo.03.11.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

Chrysler refuses production of buses in the United States

Chrysler refuses production of buses in the United States According to Stein, the decision on the phase - $754 - million project to set up an Assembly production of commercial buses Sprinter in Georgia permanently. "The automaker concerned about the difficult situation on the market", - he added.The authorities of Georgia who are interested in organizing such production, expressed concern about the decision DaimlerChrysler. They recalled that in order to successfully implement the project was prepared by a broad set of benefits totaling $320 million administration officials have stated that they would continue the search for investors on the same terms26.09.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

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