Mercedes-Benz Sportcoupe received a very special series Indianapolis

Mercedes-Benz Sportcoupe received a very special series Indianapolis At the Frankfurt motor show Mercedes-Benz introduced a special version of Sportcoupe C-class, which was called Indianapolis. In addition to the 16-inch wheel black metallic and nameplates Indianapolis, the car got climate control, be-xenon headlights and headlight washers. In the salon a conspicuous devices, received a white dial and dark red arrows. The gear lever was awarded a silver ring, and mats also received a stroke of Indianapolis. Decorative inserts in the middle console is made of aluminum.As the engines on this model is available in two diesel engine with direct injection power 122 and 143 HP, two compressor engine (143 and 163 HP) and 6-cylinder engine with 218 HP In Europe, irrespective of the engine compartment is from 27.999 to 34.858 euros.17.09.2003. . Читать полностью -->

New Russian jeep "Cowboy" begin to produce in Karachay-Cherkessia

New Russian jeep In Cherkessk completed construction of a plant for the production of new Russian SUV - 7 seater vehicle Derways-3131 "Cowboy". The presentation of these cars was appointed on 27 January, said on Friday the Minister of industry, transport and energy of the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia Murat Batukaev. "Cowboy" is a boxy car with a length of 4.4 meters, its shape vaguely reminiscent of Mercedes G-class.It is based on the upgraded chassis from the Romanian SUV Aro: spar frame, rigid rear axle on leaf springs and independent front suspension, permanent rear-wheel drive and plug front axle, transfer case with lowering next. Everything else in Russia.The machine was created in record time - just 7 months. The overall layout and design was developed Togliatti firm "Autocong", which attracted professionals Vase. All calculations were carried out using the methods of three-dimensional designing and taking into account modern requirements for passive safety. Читать полностью -->

The new generation Mitsubishi Pajero will show in 2005

The new generation Mitsubishi Pajero will show in 2005 In 2005-2006, the light will be new, fourth generation of the SUV Mitsubishi Pajero. According to "auto world", Pajero will be more comfortable, but the car will still be positioned as a full-fledged SUV.Pajero new generation will be equipped with gasoline and diesel V6 engines, but for the American market will create a version with a V8 engine (under the hood of the current generation Pajero set petrol engines V6 and 4-cylinder engines).Source: Bzz.ru02.07.2003. . . . . Читать полностью -->

"Avtotor" want to deny tax benefits for criticism of the Governor

Holding "Avtotor" involved in the Kaliningrad region screwdriver Assembly of cars BMW, KIA and Hammer, may be deprived of regional tax incentives. As reported on the website of the newspaper "Vedomosti", the Governor Vladimir Yegorov threatened to break with the company's investment agreement due to the fact that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Avtotor" Vladimir Shcherbakov publicly criticized the activities of the regional administration.Former Admiral Yegorov, according to Shcherbakov, "quite decent Governor, however, he doesn't quite understand everything in economic activity". But the Deputy Governor Shcherbakov advised "to work and stop stealing".Recall that in early August, when receiving a bribe in the amount of 150 thousand dollars was arrested by the Vice-Governor of the Sava Leonov, who was in charge of customs quotas on imports of foreign cars. A month later resigned, another Deputy head of the regional government. Their duties continues to perform only the head of the administration of the special economic zone Vice-Governor Mikhail zikel.According to the newspaper, even if the regional administration will lead his threats into execution, it does not greatly affect the financial welfare of the company. As explained by the "Vedomosti" in the Ministry of economic development, the Federal law on the Kaliningrad special economic zone are exempt from customs duties any company that produces in the region more than 30% of added value, and to cancel these benefits area can not.Assessment of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation, only for 2001-2003. Читать полностью -->

FIA thinking about the next revolution

FIA thinking about the next revolution Last week the FIA President Max Mosley has suggested to include in the regulations of the world rally championship new changes.Mosley is loved by the system of racing adopted in the Asia-Pacific and Australian Championships, and he considered it appropriate for the WRC.The essence of the proposed innovation is that riders will be able to get points not only for a place on the whole rally, but for the position at the end of each day. Moreover, the similarity in the first or second day will not deliver for pilot cross throughout the race: he will be able to continue to earn the championship scoring some more points - if the remaining days will be spent at the group leaders.Yesterday the chief functionary of the FIA endorsed member of the Australian Commission WRC Harry Connelly. Connelly believes that such a system will increase the interest in racing and will keep them in suspense until the very finish.In any case, to introduce new rules, the Federation before it will be necessary to consult with all teams and pilots.23.12.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

Verstappen will come to Jordan?

Verstappen will come to Jordan? In the Dutch media persistently circulating rumors that Jos Verstappen in 2004 will be a prize racer Jordan Grand Prix.In the last days even reported that the contract of the Dutch racer with team Eddie Jordan have been signed and the official announcement will appear next Monday.It is known that Jos Verstappen focused on negotiations with the team Jordan in mid-December, after officially refused further cooperation with Minardi.Dutch press argues that the main asset of Verstappen in negotiations with Eddie Jordan has become a serious sponsorship, which has this racer. Behind the Joos are two major Dutch company - Muermans and Trust Computers. According to rumors, they are willing to pay Jordan for his pilot about 15 million dollars.If Verstappen really get a place in Jordan, it can leave behind for the next championship nick Heidfeld. The German pilot has no such sponsorship funds. Also the main sponsor of Jordan Benson & Hedges insists that the second rider team represented the UK.In this situation the best chance of a place - the Scotsman Allan Macneish, with a reputation as a brilliant tester and have experience of working in a large factory stables Toyota and Renault. Another possible candidate is the Irishman Ralph Firman.09.01.2004. Читать полностью -->

Toyota hit the top ten `best`

Toyota hit the top ten `best` Two Japanese firms entered the top ten most dynamic multinational companies in South-East Asia. In addition to Toyota in this list got and Sony.Japanese Toyota and Sony entered the top ten most dynamic multinational companies that develop business in South-East Asia. Rating 153 of the leading multinational companies in the region annually determines the authoritative edition of the Far Eastern Economic Review with headquarters in Hong Kong.According to the results of last year, Toyota was the third in the list of companies moved 5 places. Sony took the 6-th position, while a year ago was in the N3.The leader in the list of most dynamic multinational corporations present in the Asia-Pacific region, now in its ninth year is the American Microsoft.22.12.2003. . . Читать полностью -->

Russia sold the first BMW 760 Li High Security

Russia sold the first BMW 760 Li High Security Its owner was the Chairman of the Board of Directors `Alfa-Bank` Mikhail Fridman.His machine is made to order.We are told in the officialrepresentation BMW in Russia, fulfilling all wishes of the Russian banker inGerman engineers went 4 months.Before our compatriots this model is not bought.BMW 760Li is the top model of the German company, equipped with petrol engineV12 with working volume of 6 liters. The engine develops maximum power of 445HP From the basic model 760i limousine differs multifunction rear section andlong by 14 cm wheelbase. The premiere of the machine took place in January 2003at the North American international auto show in Detroit.26.09.2003. . . . Читать полностью -->

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