New super saver multi-purpose vehicle-hybrid Toyota

New super saver multi-purpose vehicle-hybrid Toyota New Alphard minivan equipped with a system to automatically adjust the all-wheel drive (THC-CVT) and marks a further technological step in the quest for efficiency.Van Alphard is driven by a 2.4-liter petrol engine, which works in tandem with four electric motors for each wheel. They either generate energy, which is stored in an improved battery with high efficiency or result in the movement of the wheels while the gasoline engine is off.In addition to performing the basic functions of the motors involved in the processes of prevention of the introduction or braking, fulfilling both the role of ABS and ESP. In addition, they are able to produce energy to power other devices, including so-called "white goods" (refrigerators, TV, vacuum cleaner, etc) throwing in the side chain energy of 1.5 kW at a voltage of 100 volts .With the development of THC-CVT Toyota reached the bar of the economy, which identified the Ministry of transport of Japan for cars-hybrids.According to the requirement, by 2010, the hybrids have 1 liter of gasoline to make a run not less than 17,2 km (5.8 liters per 100 km). Meanwhile, the system THC-CVT installed on the previous model of minivan hybrid Estima, provides him with the mileage of 18.6 miles, (5,4 liters per 100 km).01.08.2003.

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