At Williams disappointed race

At Williams disappointed race Failure turned out to be the final Grand Prix for Williams. The English barn, claiming the Cup of designers, went from a Suzuki without a single point.Who started the race from second position Juan-Pablo Montoya, providerweb a few laps, come down due to technical problems, and starting from the last row Ralf Schumacher finished only twelfth."I'm terribly upset," says Schumacher. With my speed I was sure to finish in points, but received nothing. Several times I flew off the track, and in the end it collided with his brother... Very disappointing for the team - she had the whole season, but in the end, they got neither the title nor the Cup of Designers.Juan-Pablo Montoya in their assessments more harsh."It's a shame," he says. - Our car this year has been fast and reliable, and what we got? Nothing! But, nevertheless, I am satisfied with how you spent the past season as a pilot, I significantly increased"."As for the race," continues Colombian, then I started it very well. I managed to overtake a leader, Barrichello, and our strategy was to bring us victory. But, unfortunately, in the ninth circle all ended due to technical problems I had to return to garage".13.10.2003.

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