Andersson leaves Toyota F1

Andersson leaves Toyota F1 Toyota said that Ove Andersson leaves his post as head of its racing team in Formula 1. Next year Andersson will perform the duties of the Advisor of the Japanese company.Andersson worked in the Motorsport division of Toyota in Europe for over 30 years. For many years he has managed the implementation of a rally Japanese concern, and since 2002 he headed the team Toyota in Formula 1."Over the past 30 years together with Toyota put a lot of different tasks and were able to achieve their implementation," said Andersson. Together we created the first in the history of the Toyota Formula-1. When in 2002 he first appeared on the starting grid of the Grand Prix of Australia, I have experienced some unforgettable feelings. I am sure that Toyota will be able to succeed in f-1 and that its first win is not far off".From 1 January 2004 as head of formula racing team Toyota F1 takes its current Chairman Tutomu Tomita. Together with team President John Joetta Japanese Manager will manage the activities of the Toyota F1 as at the factory, and races.Tomita works in Toyota since 1969. Since 1996 he is on the Board of Directors of the company and is responsible for part of Toyota in international motor sport events. Since last summer, the office comity was constantly in the German city of Cologne, on the basis of a formula one team of Japanese concern.19.12.2003.

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