The British Grand Prix a year ago - the seventh victory of Sumi in season`2002

The British Grand Prix a year ago - the seventh victory of Sumi in season`2002 Last year the British Grand Prix was held on the first weekend of July.Then quite amazing race ended familiar for years with the result. The victory is already the seventh season won four times (at the time) champion Michael Schumacher. His partner on Ferrari's Rubens Barrichello finished second, and rounded out the top three winner pole Juan Pablo Montoya in the Williams.Curiously, among the contenders to win the Barrichello dropped out already on the warm up lap when the engine stalled his Ferrari.. Mechanics were able to start the engine, but to start the race, according to the rules, he should have been from the last place.Montoya has maintained its leadership after the start. The first six after 1 round: Montoya, Michael Schumacher, Ralf Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen, David Coulthard (both McLaren) and Jarno Trulli (Renault). The Barrichello made it to the 12 position. Michael Schumacher is close to the leader, long stamping, during, fastest laps. 7 circle the gap between the two leaders was only a tenth of a second.On the third lap started to drizzle a light rain, but pilots still feel confident enough to dry rubber.10-th circle: the first serious attack of Michael Schumacher. In turn Stowe four-time champion tried to pass a leading Colombian, however, Montoya, did not allow the German forward. The Barrichello made it to the eighth position and now plays the leader of 10 seconds. To this point, there are already two down rider - Allan Macneish (Toyota) could not start, and mark Webber (Minardi) flew off the track.12 circle the rain seriously increases, and all pilots check in the boxes to change the rubber. Montoya only won on the road he came back in 5 seconds ahead of Michael. However, the "rain" experience Schumacher played him on the arm 17 circle leader Ferrari bypasses the Montoya and the head of the peloton. The Barrichello by this time had already made his way to third place in 14 seconds behind Michael.On the 19th lap Montoya rolled back to the third position, skipping ahead of Barrichello. Position after 20 lap: Michael Schumacher, Barrichello ( 12 seconds), Montoya ( 16), Trulli, Raikkonen, Ralf Schumacher.22 circle denies the engine sensationally keeping in seventh place Heinz-Harald Frentzen (Arrows) and the German eliminated from the race. Frentzen was responsible for the appearance in the place of the yellow flags. Kimi Raikkonen passes Trulli and goes to fourth place in 28 seconds behind Montoya.The rain softened and some racers - Trulli, button, bernoldi, Coulthard and Raikkonen replaced the rubber on dry. The fact that it was a mistake, it was clear to 30 range, when the rain again increased. Position after 30 rounds (middle distance): Michael Schumacher, Barrichello ( 13), Montoya ( 42), Ralf Schumacher, Jacques Villeneuve (BAR), Nick Heidfeld (Sauber). Felipe Massa (Sauber), which by that time had deployed three times - at the 7 position. In the leading circle - five cars.On the 31st lap, both pilots McLaren and Renault drive into the pit lane for the third time in the race! Two laps later the wrong Barrichello. He goes too fast, it expands, and he loses on the order of 10 seconds. A few moments later pulls over to the side and out of the race, Trulli. On the track remains 14 vehicles. Closes the peloton Pedro de La Rosa (Jaguar), losing Schumacher-senior for more than two circles.34 the circle of his pit stop doing leader, immediately behind the boxes visited by Barrichello. On track pilots return to first and second place with twenty seconds gap between them. To 35th circle in the top six breaks another BAR - Olivier Panis. Going for a long time the fourth Ralf Schumacher after a delay at the pit stop (not tripped the hose) rolled at the end of the first ten. Eliminated from the race Kimi Raikkonen on his McLaren's engine explodes.For 20 laps to go marching fifth Heidfeld drives on a scheduled pit stop, opening the way to the six Giancarlo the Fisichella (Jordan). Range of previously its fourth stop in the garage and made a button and Coulthard.42nd circle: Barrichello gets in the boxes to change rubber and returned to the track behind Montoya. On the next round of pit lane visit Michael, which, however, does not deprive him of leadership in the race - its advantage over the other racers too large.The Barrichello aggressive attacks Montoya for several laps and eventually passes the Colombian. During this maneuver, Ferrari and Williams just miraculously avoid collision! Walk Montoya, Rubens is 15 seconds behind the leader. Completing the top six Villeneuve, Panis and Heidfeld.The track dries rapidly, and the 48-lap Michael Schumacher sets the fastest lap in the race - 1.24,455. Through three rounds, he resets his time three tenths, as at 51 for the first time out per minute 24 seconds - 1.23,960. To 52 circle on the track only 12 cars: race drop Eddie Irvine (Jaguar) and Takuma Sato (Jordan). Apparently, they both had problems with the engines. 6 laps to go in the boxes returned and Jenson button (Renault), also became victim to mechanical problems.In the final laps of the race Michael Schumacher resets the speed and Rubens Barrichello, in contrast, runs up the pace. The Brazilian goes along incredibly fast and on the 58th lap, Barrichello shows the fastest lap in the race - 1:23.083. He finished the race in 2nd place in 14,5 from behind Michael Schumacher. For the first time this season in points finish both machines BAR - Jacques Villeneuve and Olivier Panis trying for two 5 points. The intense struggle for the 6th place to the finish were Nick Heidfeld (Sauber) and Giancarlo Fisichella (Jordan), in the end the place in the points zone remained in German.The British Grand Prix`20021. Michael Schumacher (Ferrari - 60 laps2. Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari) 0`14"5783. Juan-Pablo Montoya (Williams-BMW) 0`31"6614. Jacques Villeneuve (BAR Honda) 59 laps5. Olivier Panis (BAR Honda) 59 laps6. Nick Heidfeld (Sauber Petronas) 59 laps7. Giancarlo Fisichella (Jordan Honda) 59 laps8. Ralf Schumacher (Williams-BMW) 59 laps9. Felipe Massa (Sauber Petronas) 59 laps10.

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