Chef Mazda is going to revive the European Ford

Chef Mazda is going to revive the European Ford Lewis BOS (right), who only a year ago, led the Japanese Mazda, now appointed head of the European division of Ford.Barefoot became the President of Ford Europe after 10 days after the previous head of the European branch of the concern Martin Leach resigned.As we previously reported, Leach decided to leave his post after the loss of Ford Europe, despite all efforts, the results of the first half of 2003 exceeded $525 millionIn recent months Leach was subjected to accusations of incompetence in the field of pricing and sales policy, Reuters reports."The future of Ford Europe is very important not only for Ford, but for the Japanese Mazda," - so says a review in Europe Lewis Barefoot.Recall that Ford since 1996 monitors the Japanese automaker on the rights of the largest shareholder. Post L. barefoot after the transition in Ford will take the oldest member of the senior management Mazda with 38 years of experience to Hisakazu Imaki.Source: "Behind the wheel".

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