Vsevolozhsk plant Ford may begin to work in two shifts

Vsevolozhsk plant Ford may begin to work in two shifts Vsevolozhsk plant Ford, swamped with applications from dealers, may begin to work in two shifts. Thus, the automaker expects to liquidate all of the 9000 wanting to buy Focus of the Russian Assembly and bring the plant to full capacity by the beginning of 2004Plant Ford Motor Co. in Vsevolozhsk (Leningrad region ) opened in July 2002, the production Capacity of 25,000 vehicles per year. Now the plant produces the Ford Focus. The project cost about $150 millionFor the second half of 2002, the plant produced 3,600 cars, and in the first quarter of 2003 - 2300 cars.Yesterday Ford announced that Vsevolozhsk plant may be operated in two shifts. According to the press-Secretary of the factory Katherine Kulinenko, the number of employees in the month of may will double - up to 11 000. This, according to Kulinenko, will allow Ford to cope with the surging flow of orders Focus. Currently the plant lies about 9,000 applications from dealers that the company is considering two-shift work can satisfy only by November. Just this year, according to Kulinenko, it is planned to collect 14,000 vehicles, and in 2004, Ford is going to bring the plant to the planned capacity of 25 000 cars.Immediately after running the factory to the dealers Ford formed a queue of buyers willing to purchase the Focus of the Russian Assembly. In late October 2002, the President of the Russian division of the Ford Motor Henrik Nenzen stated that the number of applications four times exceeded the company's expectations. Then the management of Ford Motor wondered about the introduction of a second shift at the plant, although initially this question was planned to discuss before the end of 2003Dealers appreciate the initiative of the company. According to Sergey Petrosyan, CEO, CarLine, one of St. Petersburg Ford dealers, the introduction of the second shift will allow in the future to avoid the queue to receive the car. Now CarLine nearly 500 applications on the Focus and the company shall record wanting to buy this car in November.Questioned by "Vedomosti" dealers say that the problems with fast delivery vehicles are not only from Ford. According to a representative of one of St. Petersburg companies, selling Toyota, the demand for cars with one Focus class for the last year has greatly increased. "Now we are not able to instantly meet the demand for Toyota Corolla. Buyers have to wait two months", - says the Manager of the dealer. In his opinion, the demand for cars C-class is associated with the desire of the owners of used cars and new cars of Russian production to replace them with new imported cars. According to Ford, 52% of buyers Ford Focus used to be owned by a Russian car, and 36% used car and only 7% went to new imported car.Analysts attribute the initiative of the Ford with the General growth of sales of foreign cars in Russia. "Ford is particularly well increase sales, because the company offers best credit schemes. A small initial payment does Focus very competitive," says the analyst of NIKoil Vyacheslav Smolyaninov. In 2002, Ford sales increased to 6700 cars compared to 4124 in 200105.05.2003.

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