Descended from the conveyor 200-seat Saab

Descended from the conveyor 200-seat Saab On the Austrian plant GM rolled off a two convertible Saab Convertible.Saab began to develop this direction a long time ago, back in 1950, but the first convertible Sixten Sason never came down from drawings to production. The first `materialized` Saab Sonett 1 was released in 1956 only six instances. Another prototype appeared in 1965, but only at the exhibition in Frankfurt in 1983 was presented Saab 900 Convertible, which was almost ready for series production.After three years in Finland for the U.S. market were made up to 400 cars. They were sold out almost instantly, as well as model next year, which were ordered before the start of production. The best year for 900 Convertible was 1997, when it was collected 100,000 cars.The first version of the 9-3 was introduced in 1998, and two years this model has become the best selling in its class, with sales 18.741 units.Source: www.autonews.ru01.09.2003.

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