Germany opened the longest tunnel

Germany opened the longest tunnel Yesterday in Germany took place the opening of the longest in the country of the tunnel, the length of which is nearly 8 miles.In the tunnel, which takes place in the Thuringian forest, through every 300 meters, installed devices direct communication and emergency exits.For everything that happens in the tunnel to monitor constantly monitors the security service. High-speed tunnel has two lanes in each direction, but the maximum speed it is limited at around 80 km/h According to officials, the new tunnel should significantly ease road connections between Thuringia and Bavaria.Just on the creation of high-speed automobile traffic between Berlin and Bavaria planned to spend about 1 billion euros. In addition to the tunnel, have to build another 5 tunnels and 22 of the bridge, including the large arched road post Germany length 522 meters.Source: AutoNews.ru08.07.2003.

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