The touring. Difficult weekend for MTS A.C. racing

The touring. Difficult weekend for MTS A.C. racing Hope team MTS A.C. racing to strengthen the leadership in the overall Touring is not justified. Last weekend the stage in St. Petersburg Grigory Komarov finished only fifth and missed out on first place in the championship Mikhail Ukhov.Trouble Komarova began even before the training, when, five minutes before his BMW faulty valve in the fuel system. Following the session Corianin earned fourth place on the starting box, and his teammate Vladimir Nechaev - second. The third pilot team Oleg Petryshyn was classified sixth.On the first lap of Mosquitoes flew off the track and fell back to fifth position. Around later Gregory in turn `pier`, ahead of Alexander Lvov (Sport Garage), regained the lost fourth place. On the next round between Komarov and Lvov is contact and Corianin again flies over the track, and on his return to the track faces who followed Boris upon completing all stages.Car Gregory receives a front wheel puncture, and at the end of the second round racer enters the pit lane for repairs. In the race Mosquitoes returned the ninth to finish agonal four rivals and got the finish fifth go-ahead.`I'm disappointed, " said Komarov. - From the very first turn began the luck. Then came the collision upon completing all stages of a long renovation, after which I drove as fast as I could with my damaged machine`.Vladimir Nechaev spent the race very smoothly and finished second, losing to winning Whoww seven seconds.`Route Neva ring - very good, `working` route, " said Nechayev. - During the test and the race weekend I was able to achieve great progress in setting up my BMW and directly improve the skill of driving, which allowed me to go to the second step of the podium``We have kept the leadership in the team standings, and reasons for particular disorders I don't see, " says team leader Vladimir Bykadorov. - Besides not good second place of the championship debutant Vladimir Nechaev. The advance payment issued to him by the command at the beginning of the season begins to make excuses`.08.07.2003.

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