Petrol will cost European

Petrol will cost European In the Russian capital began to rise in price of gasoline. Most gas stations have raised the price by 30-50 cents on the most popular models of the brand - AI-92 and AI-95.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------And this is only the beginning: by the end of the year instead of the usual 10 rubles per liter 92 will have to pay one and a half times more.Sellers of gasoline at the beginning of the year had the full moral right to raise gasoline prices. New excise rates, about which wrote `Газета.Ru` , effective from 1 January, but three weeks filling was selling old stocks of fuel. The price increase was less significant than predicted by economists. Excise duty increased by 45%, while automotive fuel has risen by an average of 8-10%. Liter the most popular of 92-octane gasoline in Moscow today is poured in 10.3 to 10.6 rubles, 95-th - of 11.3 and 11.6 RUBHowever, if you hurry, you can have time to refuel and at the old price.Someone still has not sold all of last year's gasoline, so the new price tags hung out until all the tankers. Some sell gasoline at a new price, and on the other side of the carriageway same fuel costs 50 cents cheaper. However, this situation is unlikely to last long: today cheaper than 10 rubles for the 92nd gasoline can be given in a limited number of stations.The increase in excise rates had no effect on the suppliers of petroleum products. The Moscow market fuel arrives in the previous volumes. However, according to experts, this situation will continue for long. This is not connected with the new fees. Because now most manufacturers are export-oriented, the supply of fuel to the domestic market can be reduced. The deficit is not expected, but in the spring of demand for gasoline in the capital will significantly exceed supply.`In the spring we have a seasonal factor associated with field work and other things. Also superimposed and extremely profitable export. Of course, if the rate does not change, it is logical to expect further price growth,` said the President of the Moscow fuel Association Eugene Arcos.Obviously, the price hike will hit not only by motorists. The paradox of the Metropolitan economy: fuel costs for most businesses are not determinative, but after gasoline traditionally increases the price of all consumer goods.Economists say this winter users no longer have to change the price tags.Most likely, the fuel price will rise again only closer to the summer, when you increase the volume of exports.To sell products on the foreign market is much cheaper than in Moscow. Therefore, the cost of gasoline in the capital will rise gradually to the European level. It is expected that by the end of the year, if you don't happen no shocks, a liter of AI-92 will cost 14-15 rubles - almost half a dollar.Text: Vasily Markin Photo: Konstantin CutilloSource: gazeta.ru27.01.2003.

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