GAZPROM: Minardi for us only advertising medium

GAZPROM: Minardi for us only advertising medium Today, in the office of Gazprom on the street Builders, held a second press conference with the participation of Giancarlo Minardi.Press conference for this narrow range of media was devoted ended in 2002 cooperation European KL Minardi and OJSC `GAZPROM`. Russian gas giant at the press conference was a member of the Board of the concern Alexander Krasnenkov, who coordinates the project.`GAZPROM management rather cooperation and project that we carried out together with Minardi,` said Krasnenkov . - `Participation in Formula 1 we consider from the standpoint of enhancing our image in the world's business elite. I think that starting this campaign this year, we will be able to continue it in the future. On today's negotiations, we summed up the results this season and outlined further steps`.However, the final decision on the future cooperation of GAZPROM and Minardi has not been made, the contract for the following year is not signed.`For the concern is only advertising the project. We see our partnership with Minardi, but not with the pilots,` said Krasnenkov to the request to evaluate the performance Zlobina in the team. - `Cooperation with the team is in no way related to the presence of a Russian pilot`.`First of all we thank GAZPROM for their contribution to our team. For the first time in Formula 1 there were Russian. While the Russians do not have a representative at the pinnacle of world Motorsport, but your country has great potential, " said Giancarlo Minardi. - `Russia as a bottomless pit and you can always find the talents`.But, he managed to shed a little light on who young Russian pilots may try yourself driving a car Minardi. Although Giancarlo Minardi refused to give their names, he said that they played in this year and in Europe. And on the European stage last season played only two pilots: Roman Rusinov (third place in the British nonformula Palmer Audi) and the pilot LUKOIL racing Mikhail Aleshin, who had a great season in the European championship of karting.Interestingly, according to krasnenkova to build the track in Formula 1 in Russia under force only to the state. `No commercial structure without state support will not pull such a project, " he said Krasnenkov. - `If we turn people from government agencies, we do not exclude the possibility that GAZPROM will take part in financing of construction`..

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