New ring for trucks will cost the governments of Moscow and Moscow region in two billion

New ring for trucks will cost the governments of Moscow and Moscow region in two billion The Ministry of transport is planning to build in the suburbs, a new bypass ring road for freight transport. The need for the construction of new rings became apparent after it became clear that the ring does not cope with the flow of transit trucks.According to the plans of the Ministry, the new road will be built on the basis of already existing Large and Small rings, intended for trucks. Small ring is 30 kilometers from the city, a Large - 50. Currently, the width of these lines is one lane in each direction, and the carriers prefer not to use them as poor infrastructure and road surface increase fuel consumption and reduce the speed of transport.From the North, East and South new 6-8-lane highway will pass through the Small ring to be expanded and strengthened. The Western part of the ring will be on the Big ring, because in the West the Small ring goes through several protected areas, including through the district Istra reservoir and Zvenigorod forestry. To connect the Western part of the ring with the rest of the route will need to build two roads - one parallel to Minsk, and the second parallel to the highway.The only obstacle near the beginning of the construction of a new road - the high cost of the project. According to experts of the Ministry of transport, the construction of the highway will take about two billion dollars. The Ministry expects that the financing of the construction of the new road will take upon him the government of Moscow and the Moscow region.12.07.2004.

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