Commands are outraged initiatives FIA

Commands are outraged initiatives FIA Starting next year the FIA plans to limit the number of machines in the factory teams of two and, simultaneously, to expand the calendar of the world championship with 14 races to 16.The meeting of the FIA, which will decide the fate of the regulations, will be held next week. At the same time will be voting on this issue. It is expected that innovations are likely to be accepted.Factory teams are outraged. A couple of months ago, the Federation had nothing against the three machines in one stable. Moreover, the Federation were even developed special rules governing the principle of selection of the third pilot (they could be any rider not finishing the last few years on the podium).The team Manager of Peugeot Sport Corrado provera (he has already signed contracts with three pilots in 2004), has strongly criticized the new regulations."I am outraged," said provera. - Recently we, in fact, guarantees the right to put three cars in the race. Now the FIA for its ban threatens the careers of many drivers who just will not be able to find a job for next season`."The most important thing in any sport - stability regulation," continues provera. - Really in the FIA don't understand that constant changes in the rules are extremely complicated commands life!".

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