Japanese "pure" on Russian roads

Japanese When the car moves through the city streets, head in his direction turn everyone: pedestrians, drivers, traffic police and even domestic dogs.Very carefully look into the machine pensioners. Why! Type of car immediately evokes associations with violent 60-mi - sex, drugs and rock-n-roll!Young people are also not averse to drive a small car, good difficulty it does not occur because it is a modern Japanese car, old-fashioned. The name of the handsome Nissan March Bolero. And, as is evident from the surname of the baby, his dad was long and well-known March, the famous lady's pet.Bolero looks like a real Oldtimer. Round lights, the abundance of chromium, a characteristic pattern of the grille - all intended to emphasize his affiliation with the fashion in the global automotive industry towards "retro". The origins of this trend is required, oddly enough, the rapid advancement of high technologies in all areas. Tired of plastic cars consumers want to ride on the good old horses, the appearance of which is still noticeable touch of human hands, and not a robot they. So was born a Chrysler PT Cruiser, Volkswagen New Beetle and our friend Bolero, writes auto.obzor.ru .Although, in truth, Bolero appeared earlier American and European cars. Fashion in the old days in Japan emerged in the late 90 agricultural market appeared miraculously preserved specimens of the early 70's, who enjoyed great demand. Auctions began to get the machine directly from waste destined for recovery. Pass this subject leading Japanese automakers could not, and on the Assembly line appeared machines in the spirit of Fantomas and the early James bond.Bolero is different from the usual March solely by appearance. Inside the machine is a standard filling any modern car is automatic transmission, air bags, a set of service "stuff". The dream of many fans of stylish self-expression - to have an impressive-looking chrome "old" miracle of the modern designs. And really, how much joy to drive on a beautiful, but collapsing rarity, requiring constant repair and does not meet the requirements of our time?Liter Nissan motor Bolero is very economical and can't make more time to tighten the belt. And admiring glances provided. Maybe "first zero" "Lada" to return to the pipeline?28.07.2003.

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