Vases are trying to simplify the inlet

Vases are trying to simplify the inlet Factory "Plastic" (Samara region, Syzran) doing a test batch of the new intake manifolds for 8 - and 16-valve engines Vase, which completed primarily cars "tenth" family. These headers plastic.According to representatives of the factory "Plastic", the global automotive industry has long passes with aluminum intake systems on the plastic.The use of polymers in the manufacture of collectors not only saves money (as we had previously reported on the company, the transition to the new component will save him more than $ 10 million), but also provides technical progress. The current intake system engines VAZ has more than 20 parts, and the new one. Produce a component of the polyamide - using the method of fibrosure (so-called secure bond).After "Plastic" will release 200 manifolds for engines, motors will set them in Vases and experience. This should happen very soon. And then AVTOVAZ will decide when to run them in series.Recall, the injector 8 - and 16-valve engines (the index 2111 and 2112) equip cars "tenth" family and some "Samara".25.07.2003.

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