BMW X3 won the Alcan Winter Rally

BMW X3 won the Alcan Winter Rally Two cars BMW X3 won first and second place in the coldest and longest rally in the world - Alcan Winter Rally.The race began in Seattle on February 18, machines were 8050 km and graduated in Alaska on February 26. In the rally included driving on ice, and overcoming the snowy hills. BMW first place, led to the victory of Ronald Ahrens magazine Automobile Magazine and co-driver Peter Schneider.The second car led chief editor of Roundel Satch Carlson. Just race involved three BMW, but the third, at the wheel which was Mike Miller from Bimmer magazine Magazine, were not included in the three winners. Both the BMW X3 has taken a leading position from the start of the rally, and never for eight days is not inferior to the other participants in the race.09.03.2004.

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