Mitsubishi Pajero II eXclusive

Mitsubishi Pajero II eXclusive A year ago, "Rolf holding, the Russian distributor of Mitsubishi Motors, has unveiled a series SUV Pajero eXclusive, devoted to the 20 anniversary of the flagship models of the Japanese automaker. 3 - and 5-door Pajero, Pajero Sport 5-door Pajero Pinin in special versions were released in a limited edition of just 300 copies, which quickly sold throughout Russia.Well, in April of Rolf holding "will start selling in Russia of a new special edition eXclusive-II, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Mitsubishi PX-33 - one of the first passenger SUV in the world. Hitting the world of applied technical solutions, many of which are relevant today, he laid the basis of technical superiority inherent in all subsequent cars Mitsubishi and underlined in the series eXclusive-II.In 2004, an exclusive series will be increased to 500 cars. Like a year ago, was based on the top version with petrol engines, automatic transmissions, doors and leather seats but the number of models was reduced to three: 3-door Pajero, 5 door Pajero and Pajero Sport. Remained unchanged exterior colors: silver or black. Still all cars have tinted Windows. The exterior is decorated with running boards, spoilers for the fifth door, chrome door handles and mirror casings. On the Pajero Sport is installed a Nakamichi sound system. Compared with the first series, eXclusive-II are more sporty, high-tech look that emphasizes their modernity and uniqueness. All vehicles are equipped with unique 18-inch wheels, released a limited edition specially for eXclusive-II. On Pajero Sport eXclusive installed bi-xenon headlights (dipped and main beam), as well as stylish chrome grille to protect the rear lights. Look Pajero has changed even more. Standard block lights replaced sports headlights with separate optics (xenon dipped headlights, projector headlights and turn signals), and in addition to the standard bumper set front wind deflector. Instead of the soft cover spare wheel hidden in a body-colored hard case. Crowns all changes to chrome plate eXclusive to the fifth door, informs the framework of this project, additional equipment included in the exclusive version at a special price that makes the purchase of these unique cars are very profitable. 5 door Pajero 3.5 at eXclusive-II is available for 59.990 $ C-door Pajero for 52.990 dollars, and Pajero Sport AT 3.0 eXclusive-II is 43.490 dollars.04.02.2004.

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