BMW launches a series of armored `three`

BMW launches a series of armored `three` Armoured BMW 3-series will be produced in Mexico.BMW received a certificate ballistic Agency on award of a new model of armored sedan 330i-series class of protection against fragments and bullets B4. The car will run in series at the BMW plant in Mexico to meet the growing demand for armored cars of this class in Latin and Central America.Apartment has armored beauty, glazing made of 21-mm puff of polycarbonate, which is 5 meters keeps the shots from a 9 mm pistol and revolver .44 Magnum (photo).The gas tank and the battery is surrounded by private protection, weighing 200 kg Car is also equipped with emergency communications equipment.The manufacturer does not report the total weight of the machine, however, presented its technical characteristics, which differ little from the serial version. As the power unit armored 330i uses a 3-liter Radney six power 231 HP, starts from a standstill to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds and uses of 9.9 liters per 100 kmStill the traditional production of BMW was considered armored "seven" and "five". These cars are produced, usually with higher protection class B6-B7 (against grenades) and highly esteemed by politicians and heads of state.Meanwhile, there is a category of customers who drive cars and need a lightweight version of armored cars, says corporate Manager BMW trade armoured vehicles Dirk Kabun. It's the lawyers, judges, workers of culture and art.As expected, the year the world will have to disperse about 200 armored "stay". The car is twice as expensive as similar unarmored version and will cost 70 000 euros.16.12.2003.

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