The latest Carrera GT

The latest Carrera GT We received the first, not yet official, the pictures of the latest Porsche Carrera GT, serial production, which is about to begin in Stuttgart.Previously, the marketing company said that the car will not be ready before the spring of 2003, but the show at the Paris motor show the latest models of Ferrari - Enzo, competitor Carrera GT number 1, and received by the firm Deposit of 25 000 euros from each of the one hundred and first time buyers (it was a mandatory condition of the company), have accelerated the process, and the finished car was shown to some customers on tarse "Estoril" in Portugal. The car, equipped with a 10-cylinder V-shaped engine displacement of 5.5 liters, capacity of 550 HP, installed in the database, accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and a top speed limited electronically at around 350 km/H. Monstrous torque of 600 Nm from the engine is transmitted through a 6-speed gearbox (manual only) on the rear wheels. But, it is possible that the order of the machine will be supplied and all-wheel drive, and automatic transmission.For 1250 kg carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, rubber and leather, fits in 4.56 m long, 1.92 m width and 1.19 m height, buyers Carrera GT, you will have to pay 220 000 euros.It is planned to produce 1,000 cars, a large part of which will be spent in the US (already ordered). It is not excluded that the second country by the number of Porsche Carrera GT, will be Russia..

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