ABT Sportsline has named the sixth pilot

ABT Sportsline has named the sixth pilot As we reported earlier, in this season in DTM six pilots will be on the Audi TT. The names of five of them, the team announced earlier: Laurent Aiello, Christian ABT, Mattias ekström, Martin Tomchek, Carl Wendlinger. Today, the team announced and the name of the sixth of the pilot. He was the winner of the German Cup VW Lupo 19-year-old Peter Terting.In the races Testing involved since 1995. The first five seasons of Peter Schmeichel was in karting, in 2000 he became the 5th in the BMW ADAC Formula Junior Cup (one win), and last year, scored three victories, won the Cup ADAC VW Lupo.Team principal Hans-jürgen ABT said that will not require high performance from debutant this year, but `how he fought in the Lupo Cup, shows that he is very good`.01.03.2003.

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