VAZ-2111 gave pure exhaust

VAZ-2111 gave pure exhaust AVTOVAZ exhibits at the motor show in Moscow car "Lada of Antal 2", which runs on hydrogen fuel. This premiere exhibition.Two years ago at the Moscow motor show AVTOVAZ showed first car `Fret of Intel` photo. Outwardly she was no different from the serial VAZ-2131, but was equipped with an electric motor and a power plant that produces electricity from a chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen. The `exhaust` formed distilled water.This year the car with `zero-emission` present in the body `tenth` of the wagon. According to project Manager George Mirzoeva, `Lada of Antal 2` differs from its predecessor in that it is oxygen cylinder was replaced by a special compressor for air intake.Compressed hydrogen is reinforced cylinders under a pressure of 400 atmospheres. The increase in pressure allowed to increase the amount of used hydrogen: 90 l cylinders enough to 250-260 kmAnd the time of refueling, the developers of car reduced: if the `Harmony of Intel` had to fill 2 hours, then her successor takes 20 minutes. Try to check at the auto show!Source: "Behind the wheel".

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