Goodbye, "eight"!

Goodbye, AVTOVAZ management argues for the discontinuation of this model a significant reduction in demand. According to representatives of the plant, recently VAZ-2108 produced in small volumes - 50-80 cars a day. Most popular motorists are restyled version of "nine" and "99th" - VAZ-2114 and 2115. Therefore, the "eight" and "gone".Thus, on the first line of the main conveyor of the present day do not five, but four models - a total of about 900 vehicles per day. The last "g" in the history of AVTOVAZ painted in the color of the "triumph" *on the photo.VAZ-2108 - this is the first front-wheel drive Togliatti model, the ancestor of the families of "Samara" and "Samara-2". She did not live to see their 20th anniversary year (mass production started in 1984). Total in its history AVTOVAZ made almost 900 thousand "eights". More specifically, 884 370.As we have informed in the press center of the automobile, auto parts for VAZ-2108 will be releasing another 5 years.02.10.2003.

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