Seat Cupra GT - for racing and road

Seat Cupra GT - for racing and road A new prototype Seat differs significantly from the concepts Salsa and Tango. Cupra GT was first presented at the motor show in Barcelona. Command Seat Sport and design Studio Seat Design Centre have jointly developed this magnificent machine.What is she so gorgeous? To start with the fact that the hood is back, and hides the 3-liter V6 engine with twin turbine from Audi, which has a capacity of no less than 500 HP, and promised to accelerate to 100 km/h the car will be for some of 4.2 seconds. Maximum speed of this car is 300 km/H.Pendant is made from composite materials, the body painted in bright orange color, so no one missed this creation. The company claims that the body and chassis make Cupra real racing car. 18-inch 6-spoke wheels are attached by a single bolt, which allows you to instantly change the wheels.Real racing Cupra is almost ready to participate in the Spanish racing 2003 Spanish GT Championship, and later this year, Seat Sport will begin production of the "civilian" version.28.04.2003.

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