Ferrari in Moscow

Ferrari in Moscow In Moscow, opened the first sports car hire. Having in his pocket a tidy sum, you can drive behind the wheel of exclusive cars type Aston Martin DB7, Dodge Viper or a Ferrari 360 Modena. Unless, of course, wait their turn, which are planned for the months ahead. -Rent sports cars in Europe there is not the first year. However, to take the car there. Many companies require that the driver had not only great experience, but also the age of 28-30 years. In addition, you need at least two credit cards, at least one of which is Gold or Platinium.In Russia everything is much easier. Introduced in the spring of the first in the country, rent a sports car requires only one credit card.And a mandatory Deposit of $3-10 thousand depending on the machine. From him shall be deducted in particular damage to the tires if you wear them while using it exceeded 30%. It is no secret that real sports car tires can easily `to burn`. And it is not cheap, for example, a kit for Dodge Viper - $3.5 thousandPrice on sports cars available will not name. Even the most `budget` car - Audi TT - cost $145-170 per day of rental. As for exclusives have already put other money. Dodge Viper will cost $760-810, Aston Martin DB7 $935-980, 560-horsepower Jaguar XJ 220 - $995-1100 and pearl collection Lamborghini Diablo 5.7 - $1080-1170. Soon in Moscow will arrive Ferrari 360 Modena and Porsche 911 Twinturbo. Fun to ride on them will cost $895-938. By the way, all the expensive cars are not new, and used from Europe (the old car for 4 years). But they bought with low mileage, about 15-25 thousand kmWhen comparing it turns out that in Moscow this car is cheaper than in Europe.Moreover, there exists a limited run - 200-250 km per day, and for each additional you have to pay around Euro. We do not have it.The first cars lent to business partners and friends for a considerable time, more than a week. And the machine will return from rent at the end of may-early June. And the company is already 150 applications at the beginning of the summer. When they are satisfied, it is still not clear. Moreover, ask mostly not cheap Audi and Mitsubishi, and expensive exclusives. It is understandable, who refuses morning ride on the Moscow ring road, or Novorizhskoe highway, using the full power of 533 horsepower Diablo. And in the evening to drive it in a club or disco. Actually, the purpose for which such machines take on lease, or to throw dust in the eyes, or to satisfy the driver's ambitions.However, in Moscow and the Moscow region with places for this problem. The German owner of the car can almost any day to call, say, on the race track in Hockenheim and for a fee to ride some time. And its domestic counterpart remains only the morning of the ring road or other highway near Moscow: highway Moscow - Riga highway `Crimea`, `don`. It is no coincidence that the organizers want to hire in the near future to negotiate with a circular route to the airport in Myachkovo, where race, and rent it for a while for the ring races. On the website, by the way, already painted price for hour car on the track... Another thing is that the service is not yet available, what honestly and claimed. As it is almost impossible to rent a car with driver for weddings or other celebrations.In a more global plans - creation of the club of owners of sports cars.Membership will not be cheap - $50K entry fee and $25-35 thousand annualBut in addition to the actual club for communication envisages the construction of a private race track in the suburbs. There plans to come will not only members of the club, but the riders are pros who will give lessons of this sport riding.But it's all in the future. Meanwhile, plans at the firm much more mundane. First, create a service station - now a couple of staff are trained in foreign firms to repair these vehicles. Secondly, to establish not only rolling system, but also sales sports a different purse from 10-year-old for $60-70 thousand, to a more or less new, but already cost over $100 thousand In the third place, to prepare for the winter season, when these cars will stand in the garage to warm April. It is planned that at this time, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin c `Jaguar` will work on various presentations and exhibitions.22.05.2003.

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