Montoya will be a very interesting race

Montoya will be a very interesting race The driver of the Williams of Juan Pablo Montoya with optimism tuned for the next Grand Prix, which will take place next weekend at the Italian Monza."Let's start with the fact that Milan is my favorite track," said the Colombian. I here twice won the pole position, and in 2001, the year he won his first race. In addition, we looked very much on past tests here, which allows us to hope for a successful finish, but can be - and to win".Three races before the end of the season Montoya is second in the overall standings of the championship, losing leader Michael Schumacher only one point."It would be great to win in Monza, on the "home" track Ferrari, where hundreds of thousands of her fans. "says Montoya. But my main goal is not to win at all costs, and to finish the race ahead of its competitors - Schumacher and Raikkonen.In General, Italian weekend promises to be very interesting.".

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