Cadillac is the Chinese brand

Cadillac is the Chinese brand Cadillac will become the third model that GM manufactures in China. Today, the Chinese GM factories in Shanghai, which was created on a parity basis with metonymy automakers already collect sedans and minivans Buick and Chevrolet.Chinese Cadillac will launch in 2004. By 2006 power GM should reach full capacity in 736 000 cars per year. China, therefore, will be released on the second position in the production of GM vehicles in the world.The automobile market of China is growing by leaps and bounds. Last year it grew by 60%. Sales of GM, which controls 8.2% of the local market, has added 50%. Manufacturer N1 in China is a German Volkswagen belongs here more than 30% of sales.At the end of three quarters, the number of cars sold in China has already exceeded last year's level. Instead of the expected 1.9 million cars local car manufacturers, according to their data, are going to release at least 4.3 million cars.By 2010, China will come out on first place by the number of consumption of cars, overtaking the USA and all other countries.05.11.2003.

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