Will be built in Russia "superadobe"

Will be built in Russia President Vladimir Putin supported the proposals of the recently elected Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko on the construction between the two Russian capitals of the new highway, which will run parallel to the existing road and will be free to travel.Workers reacted positively to the initiative of the President. However, in the financing of the project still have questions. Although Vladimir Putin said that the construction of new pipeline will be financed from the state budget, according to experts, without investors when making such a large-scale project is not necessary.Apparently, the construction start date will depend on how soon you will be able to find the money.At the meeting with Valentina Matvienko, St. Petersburg, where he discussed the prospective transport projects, the President said that `understanding of the need for the construction of a modern highway Moscow - Saint-Petersburg the Russian government has`.In fact, highway E-95 does not withstand an existing automobile stream. It passes through major cities Tver and Novgorod the Great, and another 144 smaller settlements (28% of its length falls on the territory of towns and villages), and largely due to occur in localities jams has a very poor throughput.`The most disadvantaged section of the road is in Solnechnogorsk in the day there is up to 100 thousand cars. In addition, this city, and the Wedge and Vyshny Volochek - the worst route in terms of road safety, due to the fact that the road width of 4-5 strips not withstand the existing flow of traffic.Moreover, speaking about these sites, it should be noted that the entire road is overloaded, " he told RBC daily Vasily Grishankov, chief engineer of the road Moscow - St. Petersburg.Therefore, the main purpose of the construction of a new road Moscow - Saint-Petersburg - is the creation of the highway parallel to the existing road, which should have a number of essential characteristics. `This must be the road to the first technical category (three lanes in each direction), to have instead of intersections, junctions, and most importantly - be bypassing the settlements, " he told RBC daily Viktor Shifrin, one of the leaders of Rosavtodor. That is why the new road will be longer than the old (the length of the route Moscow - Saint-Petersburg is 700 km), though insignificantly. `The length of the new highway Moscow - Saint-Petersburg will be no more than 735-740 km`, - said Mr. Grishenkov. However, according to forecasts, the average speed must increase at least twice. For example, the average speed of traffic on the section Tver - Moscow, according to the Directorate of roads of the Moscow - Saint Petersburg, in the morning at present does not exceed 45 km/H.As told RBC daily in Rosavtodor, the possibility of creating alternative highway Moscow - St. Petersburg discussed for several years, today even developed a plan for its construction, but work on it has not started yet, because there was not found a reliable investor. Meanwhile, according to Vladimir Putin, the government understands that St. Petersburg `unable to implement this project within its budget`, so the road must obtain the status of a Federal highway, and its construction will be financed from the state budget. However, according to the interlocutor RBC daily in the company `Mosavtodor and partners`, that the new road will be built only at the expense of the state budget, is unlikely. `Only budget money this way it is impossible to build, you will most likely need to attract investors,` said he. The road Directorate of the Moscow - St. Petersburg also not sure that public money will be enough. `According to preliminary estimates, the construction of a new highway Moscow - St. Petersburg will cost $ 5 billion. This is as much as from the state budget allocated to the road sector in Russia. Therefore, a new route must be not just investors, and investors-oligarchs", - said Vasily Grishankov. However, according to first Deputy Minister of transport, head of the Federal road Agency of the Russian Federation Igor slunyaev, these figures are greatly exaggerated. According to him, the minimum cost of construction of 1 km of road of the first category with the full arrangement amounts to a total of 30 million rubles.`Of course, low cost and provides the appropriate quality, " he said. However, even if the build quality of the road corresponding to all European standards, according to the Federal road Agency, the cost of the route will not exceed $ 2 billion. Just have to find the money, than, apparently, and will do in the next few months in Rosavtodor.Although the date of commencement of construction have not been announced yet, there is no doubt the fact that St. Petersburg will become the first city where we will be implementing the principles of the recently approved new Russian transport strategy. According to Vasily Grishenkova, if funds for the construction of the autobahn really there will be no interruption of funding, the road with all the infrastructure (transportation, entrances to settlements) can be built in less than 5 years. The year will be spent on the development of project documentation and cost estimating, another year will be needed for land acquisition, however, the road construction may begin simultaneously with these procedures. Therefore, net construction should take no more than 3.5 years. `If the building will be occupied at least 50 construction companies, which will work approximately equal parts of the road, these terms are quite real`, says Vasily Grishankov.02.12.2003.

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