Volkswagen has introduced a new modification of the "beetle

Volkswagen has introduced a new modification of the The German automotive concern Volkswagen presented in Mexico, a new modification of the legendary beetle (beetle), a history spanning almost 70 years, was reported in the press service of the company.The festive events were held in the city of Puebla, where the company's factory.It is planned that by July 30, daily from conveyor Mexican plant will go 53 "beetle" modern series.The final volume of the series - 3000 pieces. The cars in this series will be sold only in Mexico. Their price is 84 thousand pesos, which corresponds to 7000 euros.The last car will not go on sale and will be sent to Germany, in the Museum of concern in the city of Wolfsburg, according to .Recently Wolksvagen invested in its Mexican production of 3.6 billion US dollars. In Puebla already release "bugs" - the descendants of the first legendary model - Volkswagen-new-beetle and Volkswagen-beetle-caprio. These cars are assembled in Mexico, put all countries in the world, - said the press service. In addition, there was going to Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen Jetta.The Volkswagen plant in Mexico Puebla began producing Volkswagen beetle in 1967. Performance - 480 thousand cars per year. Just Puebla issued 1.7 million beetles.Over the past decade in 20 countries produced more than 21.5 million "beetles", said the press service.12.07.2003.

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