Mazda RENESIS is the best engine of the year

Mazda RENESIS is the best engine of the year Engine RENESIS Mazda received in Stuttgart international award `Engine of the year`. This 240-strong unit is placed on the Mazda RX-8. The decision was made 50 jury members from 22 countries. This is the first victory Mazda in this competition. Specifically, Mazda has received three awards - `Best New Engine of 2003`, and two classes of 2.5 - and 3-liter engines.`The engine with the best characteristics` became Mercedes-55 AMG V8. `Most economical` was named the Honda engine is 1.3 IMA. Also Honda won the nomination liter engines - here won IMA put on Insight and S2000 engine was the best among the 1.8 - and 2-liter.The engine of BMW, which the company sets for 325i, 525i and Z4, won among 2,5-sirovich. Charged engine for the MINI Cooper S also brought the company an award in the category 1.4 - and 1.8-liter.Another company-the winner was the Volkswagen with their 5-liter, turbo diesel V10, which stands on the Touareg and Phaeton, reports CARkeys.06.06.2003.

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