Motorists without `auto citizen` can't go abroad

Motorists without `auto citizen` can't go abroad Representatives of the State customs Committee (SCC) has explained how they will be monitored for the presence of required policies in cross-border car owners, writes today `Kommersant-Daily`.As reported by the publication, head of the Main Department of organization of customs control Anatoly Galaktionov, on June 24, the SCC issued an order ?690, according to which the customs officers at checkpoints will require the drivers insurance car insurance for "simplified procedure of control". If the motorist crossing the border, does not insure its liability, customs officers will make a mark on the identity of temporary importation (in transit), the control documents for the delivery of goods (truck drivers) and customs Declaration (from individuals).Marking will be as follows: "the liability of the owner is subject to insurance". This record will be sealed by the customs officer. According to Mr. Galaktionova, simplified control will operate for about two months. After a transition period, the customs officials will ban motorists who do not have insurance, to cross the border of the Russian Federation."For car owners without insurance will be created conditions for the policy in place," said June 24, the head of Federal customs revenues Elchin Safarov. In his words, insurers will be given the opportunity to post their jobs near checkpoints, writes `Kommersant-Daily`.26.06.2003.

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