Not Albers and not Verstappen

Not Albers and not Verstappen Continue to rage assumptions about who is going to take place in the Minardi cars next year. Called a few names of possible candidates for the two empty slots. In the last few weeks there's been a lot of talk that the young Dutchman Christian Albers is being negotiated, and which has even signed the contract, but according to his Manager, his name will not be named tomorrow. "No, not tomorrow. We are very far (for negotiations), and I think he will not be named tomorrow," said Lodewijk Warosu.So, Jos Verstappen? But various sources say that the former pilot Arrows also not to be named. And Warosu the same opinion. Anthony Davidson misses with a list of possible candidates, because it does not have financial support. Most likely, you will not get any Justin Wilson or Brian Herta. Alex Young goes in the CART series. Free still, Enrique bernoldi, but he claims a place in Jordan. Well, to find out the answer today!.

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