Mercedes-Benz Vision GST

Mercedes-Benz Vision GST Mercedes-Benz is trying to explore new market niches, as evidenced by the conceptual 5-meter all-wheel drive station wagon Mercedes Vision GST, with a similar platform with kraslawski prototype Pacifica. Both cars received in advance from the upcoming production of the SUV M-class next generation.Design Mercedes wagon looks more futuristic with its rapid silhouette and swinging doors without a center column. Universal Mercedes does not look so smugly and traditionally, as most of the Stuttgart model.Yes and energosooruzheniy car much more serious: the designers used 8-cylinder, 360-horsepower engine displacement of 5.5 litres, prepared by experts of the court AMG tuning shop. With this `heart` big tourist wagon accelerates to `hundreds` in just 7 seconds.Many units a concept borrowed from other serial `Mercedes`. In particular, all-wheel drive transmission used from the `Mercedes` M-class, and the suspension from luxury S - class sedan, an electronically brake system from Roadster SL series.Luxurious interior with six individual seats are very spacious because of not only the impressive length of the vehicle 5150 mm, and the base substantially in excess of 3 m, and high beauty. Originally solved the Central part of the front panel, on which two vertically spaced silver console with buttons. And between them - colour multi-function display, transmitting information and in three-dimensional format. Transparent panoramic roof made of special glass, changing the degree of darkness, depending on the time of day.For an impressive 22-inch wheels hide brake discs record for passenger car size is 380 mm and they are made from carbon ceramic frame. There has not been without racing technology Stuttgart `silver arrows`, acting in competitions sports-prototypes.Like four-wheel drive the Germans are going to run in the series is already in 2004, but it will be in the USA in the same factory, where they make the `Mercedes` M-class. Moreover, the machine will be released in two versions: standard and long wheelbase. In Europe it is planned to export only a third of the estimated 160-thousandth of the volume produced annually universals.Denis MARTYNOV"Kazan motor show".

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