"Avtotor" want to deny tax benefits for criticism of the Governor

Holding "Avtotor" involved in the Kaliningrad region screwdriver Assembly of cars BMW, KIA and Hammer, may be deprived of regional tax incentives. As reported on the website of the newspaper "Vedomosti", the Governor Vladimir Yegorov threatened to break with the company's investment agreement due to the fact that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Avtotor" Vladimir Shcherbakov publicly criticized the activities of the regional administration.Former Admiral Yegorov, according to Shcherbakov, "quite decent Governor, however, he doesn't quite understand everything in economic activity". But the Deputy Governor Shcherbakov advised "to work and stop stealing".Recall that in early August, when receiving a bribe in the amount of 150 thousand dollars was arrested by the Vice-Governor of the Sava Leonov, who was in charge of customs quotas on imports of foreign cars. A month later resigned, another Deputy head of the regional government. Their duties continues to perform only the head of the administration of the special economic zone Vice-Governor Mikhail zikel.According to the newspaper, even if the regional administration will lead his threats into execution, it does not greatly affect the financial welfare of the company. As explained by the "Vedomosti" in the Ministry of economic development, the Federal law on the Kaliningrad special economic zone are exempt from customs duties any company that produces in the region more than 30% of added value, and to cancel these benefits area can not.Assessment of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation, only for 2001-2003. holding received customs privileges at 2.42 billion rubles. At the same time, in the period from 1996 to 2003 the area was granted to all taxpayers of the benefits 341 million rubles, the share of "Avtotor" had about 100 million.Partners of "Avtotor" perceived threat of the Governor of suspicion, but to break off relations with the company are not going. They say that for them the main thing is the build quality, and it would suit them.20.10.2004.

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