FIA thinking about the next revolution

FIA thinking about the next revolution Last week the FIA President Max Mosley has suggested to include in the regulations of the world rally championship new changes.Mosley is loved by the system of racing adopted in the Asia-Pacific and Australian Championships, and he considered it appropriate for the WRC.The essence of the proposed innovation is that riders will be able to get points not only for a place on the whole rally, but for the position at the end of each day. Moreover, the similarity in the first or second day will not deliver for pilot cross throughout the race: he will be able to continue to earn the championship scoring some more points - if the remaining days will be spent at the group leaders.Yesterday the chief functionary of the FIA endorsed member of the Australian Commission WRC Harry Connelly. Connelly believes that such a system will increase the interest in racing and will keep them in suspense until the very finish.In any case, to introduce new rules, the Federation before it will be necessary to consult with all teams and pilots.23.12.2003.

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