France will raise taxes on big cars

France will raise taxes on big cars The French authorities intend to revise the system of calculation of taxes on new vehicles registered on the territory of this country. The essence of this reform is that the owners of compact small cars will pay less, and the amount of taxes for owners of full-size cars and SUVs will increase markedly. This decision authorities explained by the fact that large vehicles are often equipped mnogolitrovyh motors, ecological indicators which are generally lower than in modern small cars.As expected, all sold in France will be divided into five classes, each of which will correspond to a specific range of amount of tax contributions. So, compact cars, which are the most "friendly" to nature (i.e. the minimum content of harmful substances in exhaust gases) will have to pay from 200 to 700 euros per year, as well as diesel vehicles, equipped with modern cleaning filters. The owners of large cars and SUVs, as well as diesel models without a filter, will pay in a year from 1500 to 3500 euros. Note also that the mid-sized models like the Renault Scenic, fall into the average category under the new classification, so that the owners of such cars will pay about the same amount that was paid previously.The advantage of this scheme, according to the French authorities, is to encourage local consumers to purchase small and eco-friendly vehicles. In addition they note that the total amount of tax revenue will remain unchanged, because the decrease in tax revenue with the owners of small cars will be offset by increased taxes on large cars.Note also that a new scheme for calculating taxes in France, expected to enter into force in January 2005.25.06.2004.

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