Mercedes went under convoy in Kabul

Mercedes went under convoy in Kabul Humanitarian aid was organized on the initiative of DaimlerChrysler and takes place in the framework programme of the European Union to promote the restoration of social infrastructure and economy of Afghanistan.Cars are carrying 200 tons of equipment and materials, including for urgent organization of public water supply, repair of power plants, as well as hospitals and schools.The first part of the route the convoy will proceed through Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. Then the waterway it crosses the Black sea and landed in the Georgian port of Poti.After this the machine will go to Baku, where again by water to cross the Caspian sea and unloaded in Turkmenistan.Through Ashgabat convoy will proceed in Uzbekistan, and, after 1200 miles, bypassing the Samarkand October 1, reaches the border with Afghanistan.The delivery of humanitarian aid by road from Europe to Afghanistan can be considered as a good test for trucks Actros. The organizers suggest that in the later sections of the route they will be able to overcome 250-350 km per day, while in the movement for 10-12 hours. The main difficulty will be to bad roads and elevated temperature of about 50C."Our technology will be able to survive this," said the head of the cargo division of Mercedes-Benz Klaus Maier. According to him, the model Actros proven in operation in various conditions in 98 countries. In Afghanistan went completely new model, and it will be a good test for them, said Mayer.09.09.2003.

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